Zane Akina

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Fleet Characters
Zane Akina
Rank: Captain
Position: Intelligence Officer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 185 Lbs
Marital Status: Single


Zane Akina has made a name for himself by being an unorthodox officer with a record for obtaining results. Brash and abrasive, Akina tends to put his missions and assignments ahead of rules and regulations which has earned him both accolades and scorn by his superiors. A senior intelligence agent for Starfleet Intelligence, Zane operates on the thin lines between legality and legitimacy to investigate the toughest cases Starfleet has to offer.

Zane's best known professional success was the exposure of criminal dealings of a major defense contractor, NeoDyne Defense Corporation. His investigation uncovered evidence of covert weapons and technology sales to the Breen after the 1st Dominion War. As a result of exposing the company at the risk of his own life, Akina was promoted to captain along with obtaining several high commendations for his actions.

Later Assignments

Captain Akina arrives on Astate on a layover pending new orders, but quickly becomes entangled in a web of mysteries that run deep into the dark recesses of Astate's criminal underworld. After an attempt on his life, by unknown agents, Zane is determined to learn who sent them and why. Criminal henchmen, mercenaries, powerful officials, and crooked Starfleet officers stand between him and the truth. Putting himself on the line, Zane ventures into the criminal darkside of the Astate Colony to expose a concealed evil as a sinister conspiracy slowly unfolds around him.

Penetrating a hidden, underground NeoDyne Defense Corporation research facility, Zane uncovers vile corporate secrets involving arcane genetic experiments on children and adolescents with the intent to produce a type of 'super human'. Realizing something terrible has occurred in the underground facility, Akina continues his investigation to learn why the complex had been sealed and abandoned. Akina discovers several children still alive in the facility, but also learns they were responsible for killing most of the facility's research staff after breaking free from their captor's confinement. Akina manages to convince the wary children he means them no harm and can help them escape. As he attempts to leave the facility, NeoDyne operatives activate the complex's self destruct systems. Akina must fight the children, who quickly lose his trust, and barely escapes after witnessing their unbelievable physical abilities. Narrowly escaping and unable to save the children inside, Akina can only watch as the facility is vaporized by a nuclear fusion explosion which obliterates all traces of NeoDyne's sinister activities.

After the explosion, Akina is intercepted by NeoDyne agents who seek to silence the intelligence officer. He is saved from their hands by Captain Taverain Ramius who has been following his activities. After several discussion, Akina agrees to join Ramius in a silent quest to expose NeoDyne's true intentions and ruin the corporate giant ruthless ambitions to control the galaxy.

Medical History

No Medical Problems.