Yuna Brin

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Name: Yuna Brin
Rank: Commander
Race: Bajoran
Sex: Female
Age: 51
Hair Color: Scarlet Red
Eye Color: Pale Blue
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 133lbs
Assignment: Chief Medical Officer
Location: Astate Colony
Father: Yuna Akrem
Mother: Yuna Suman
Sibling(s): None
Marital Status: Married


  • (235706.28) Born to Yuna Akrem (father) and Yuna Suman (mother), during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. Her parents were members of the Shakaar Resistance Cell. Yuna Brin was born shortly after the Shakaar Resistance Cell liberated the Bajoran labor camp at Gallitep.
  • (2369xx.xx) The Cardassians withdrew from Bajor and the Federation took over the Cardassian space station, Terok Nor. Bajor began to rebuild itself with the aid of the Federation. Yuna was 12 years old at this time. Her parents were farmers and they lived on Bajor, where they (as well as most other Bajorans) worked hard to make Bajor whole again. Along with other Bajorans, Brin's parents were against the Federation's involvement in Bajor's healing. Her parents passionately hated Cardassians and forbid Yuna Brin from having any contact with them. As a young and curious child Brin and her friends often found their way to Deep Space Nine (formerly known as Terok Nor) where they learned more about both Cardassians and the Federation.
  • (237509.05) Against her parent's will she traveled to Earth to attend Starfleet Academy.
  • (2379xx.xx) Graduated from Starfleet Academy and was assigned to the U.S.S. McCartney. Aboard the McCartney she met Lieutenant Eisen Rusch, the ship's assistant engineering officer and also a Cardassian. She was drawn to him by her curiosity of the Cardassian race and by her rebellious nature against her parents.
  • (2381xx.xx) Age 24: Brin sought out a romantic relationship with Eisen Rusch. Her parents got word of this and threatened to disown her if she continued in the relationship with him. She grew more serious about Rusch and began living with him. Her parents then cut her off and temporarily disowned her. Later in the year, Brin discovered she was carrying Rusch's child. When she told Rusch this, he refused to have anything to do with her or the child.
  • (2382xx.xx) Age 25: After the rocky break off of their relationship, Brin requested reassignment elsewhere. She was then assigned to Starfleet Medical until she went on maternity leave and returned to Bajor. At this time she tried to make amends with her parents, but their attitude drove her away. After her five month pregnancy, she gave birth to a baby girl who she named Yuna Corin. She then spent the next year and a half with her newborn child on Bajor.
  • (2384xx.xx) Age 27: She returned to duty aboard the U.S.S. Falkirk and served there for seven years.
  • (2391xx.xx) Age 34: She was offered a position at the Federation Embassy's medical facility on Bajor and took it. She again goes to her parents (after not speaking with them for nine years) and tries to make things good between them, this time with her daughter. Her parents, unable to refuse their new granddaughter (even if she was half Cardassian) agree to make amends with Brin.
  • (2399xx.xx) Age 42: At the completion of her daughter's primary education, she took a leave of absence from Starfleet. She then purchased a small shuttlecraft from a merchant on Deep Space Nine and began to travel with her daughter.
  • (2400xx.xx) Age 43: She returned to duty aboard the U.S.S. Warrior-A.
  • (240011.xx - 240012.16) Age 43: Takes leave from the U.S.S. Warrior to return to Bajor to visit her ill mother.
  • (240102.10) Age 43: Is engaged to be married to Lt. Junior Grade Robert Blair, chief operations officer of the U.S.S. Warrior.
  • (240103.05) Age 43: Her fiancé, Robert Blair, leaves the U.S.S. Warrior for a new position on Earth.
  • (240103.25) Age 43: She breaks up with fiancé, Robert Blair after he returned to the Warrior.
  • (240104.08) Age 43: Her ex-fiancé, Robert Blair leaves the U.S.S. Warrior again.
  • (240105.29) Age 43: She leaves the U.S.S. Warrior for extended leave.
  • (240107.07) Age 43: She returns to the U.S.S. Warrior from her leave. While on her leave during a period of 3 weeks she spent at Casperia Prime she met and fell in love with a Betazoid man by the name of Caelehn Troas. The U.S.S. Warrior crew is called off duty to investigate a planet. Once on the planet the away team became infected with the mind altering parasite. When they return to the ship the infection spreads to the other crew.
  • (240109.05) Age 44: Reconciles with Robert Blair while under the influence of the mind altering parasite that took control of the Warrior crew. (At this point he was back on the Warrior for a few months prior). She asks him to marry her and he accepts.
  • (240109.09) Age 44: Is married to Robert Blair in a small ceremony by Captain Kahlia Scott.
  • (240109.15) Age 44: Discovers that she is pregnant.
  • (240111.04) Age 44: Is treated with an antidote for the mind altering virus and is now cured. She files for divorce with Robert Blair and contacts Caelehn as soon as she can.
  • (240111.08) Age 44: Gives birth to a baby boy who is 1/2 Bajoran and 1/2 Betazoid. (While under the influence of the mind altering parasite she lied about who the real father is). Turns out that the real father was Caelehn Troas.
  • (240112.05) Age 44: Becomes engaged to Caelehn Troas.
  • (240202.08) Age 44: Marries Caelehn in a private ceremony while on leave.
  • (240203.25) Age 44: Accepts position of Chief Medical Officer aboard the U.S.S. Thunderchild but does not make it aboard before the Thunderchild goes through the gateway and becomes MIA in M64.
  • (240203.27 - 240205.23) Age 44: Spends some leave time on Bajor with her husband Caelehn and their son Kovan while searching for a new post to serve at.
  • (240208.20) Age 45: Her mother, Yuna Suman, passes away. Brin and Caelehn bring Brin's father, Yuna Akrem, back to live with them on Trilista colony.
  • (240412.04) Age 47: Her father, Yuna Akrem, passed away.

Medical History

  • (238108.05) Gave birth to a baby girl, Corin.
  • (240012.16) Her right hand was lacerated after an attack from a Cardassian assassin.
  • (240012.17) Received bruises to her neck. No major damage was done.
  • (240109.15) Discovered she was pregnant.
  • (240111.08) Gives birth to a baby boy, Kovan.

Service Record

  • (237905.01 - 238108.04) Served aboard the U.S.S. McCartney under the command of Captain James Moore in the ship's medical department as a medical technician.
  • (238108.05 - 238205.01) Leave of absence.
  • (238205.01 - 238408.01) Reassigned to Starfleet Medical where she worked as a medical technician.
  • (238208.01 - 238405.01) Leave of absence.
  • (238405.01 - 239105.01) Served aboard the U.S.S. Falkirk under the command of Captain Darven in the ship's medical department as a medical technician then later as a staff physician.
  • (239105.01 - 240005.01) Serves on Bajor at the Federation Embassy's Medical Facility.
  • (240005.01 - 240009.01) Leave of absence.
  • (240009.01 - 240105.29) Serves aboard the U.S.S. Warrior-A under the command of Captain Martin Fury in the ship's medical department as an assistant medical officer.
  • (240105.29 - 240107.07) Leave of absence.
  • (240107.07 - 240203.25) Serves aboard the U.S.S. Warrior-A.
  • (240203.25 - 240205.23) Leave of absence.
  • (240205.23 - 240801.01) Served on Trilista Colony.

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