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Welcome to the website of the IRW Aylhr an award winning Play-By-Post Role-Playing Game. Feel free to peruse our site which currently has 463 articles.
Mar 31

The IRW Aylhr is a D'Dherex dreadnaught modified for a variety of roles within the Beta Quadrant. I am Riov Rhae'go tr'Neyl, Commanding Officer of the IRW Aylhr, many consider me to be quite the outcast and are still amazed that I landed in the command throne of such a notable ship. The story of my miraculous ascension is long so I’ll save it for later. My Executive Officer is erie'Riov T’Imina t’Verelan. We have our disagreements but it could be worse- she could be a wretched Klingon.

This is a comprehensive website for the IRW Aylhr, her journeys, and her crew. Here you can find lists and references of both major and minor characters that make appearances on the Aylhr. Our Imperial Databank houses all information about what it means to be a Rihannsu and other information regarding the Romulan Star Empire. We utilize the NOVA play-by-post system for our writing and you can find that here Aylhr NOVA. Hopefully, everyone, not just the crew of the IRW Aylhr, will find our website's resources helpful.

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Aylhr Crew

IRW AylhrThe IRW Aylhr

The Aylhr has a crew complement of around 1,250 personnel that comes from every corner of the vast Star Empire. The crew is a family- house titles and clan prestige mean nothing when one is thrust before an enemy. With her vast array of advanced weaponry and new technology, the Aylhr is a monster. Her crew is in charge of one of the most dangerous and lethal ships in the entire quadrant.

Recent Crew Additions: Gonaiih'Saehne (Helm / Flight Control Officer) Nniol tr'Rehu

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Aylhr News

In Character News:

  • 242301.25 - Shiarrael t`Rehu officially visits the newly constructed IRW Aylhr. After visiting the ship she appoints Rhae'go tr'Neyl to be her commanding officer after thwarting a conspiracy by the Zorek clan to remove his name as a potential command candidate.
  • 242301.25 - The Commandant of the Imperial War College, H'Dean tr'Tomalak, passes away from a sudden illness surprising many within the Romulan establishment. Many Admirals, Senators, and Praetors attend his funeral in I'Ramnau.

Out of Character News:

  • January 1st, 2023 - A bit delayed but the Aylhr officially relaunches!

Current Plot: Penumbra

Penumbra (Plot)Coil of Darkness

With the construction of new IRW Aylhr nearing completion, Galae'EnRiov Shiarrael t'Rehu visits the Jezerek shipyards and tours the new vessel. During her visit to Jezerek Shiarrael uncovers a conspiracy among some of the Galae's command staff to remove a candidate from consideration for commanding the Aylhr. That candidate? The son of the disgraced former Galae'EnRiov Ameh'ha t'Neyl. Seeing the situation as an attempt by the Zorek clan to exert influence in the Galae she decides to appoint Riov Rhae'go tr'Neyl to command the Aylhr over the objections.

Meanwhile, on the planet Eternity in neutral zone, the powerful Zorek Senator Chavek tr'Parneas is murdered while visiting the war grave of his sons. News of the incident is suppressed until more information about the incident can be gathered. Fearing a greater plot the commander of the fifth fleet, Khre'Riov Raha t'Hnea, dispatches the newly minted IRW Aylhr and her crew to investigate the matter quietly.

Characters of Note: Arrenhe t'Ahaefvthe, Shiarrael t`Rehu, Raha t'Nanclus
Vessels of Note: IRW Aylhr

Current Universe Storyline

It has been fifteen years since the Romulan x Klingon conflict. Under the current regime, stability has returned to the Star Empire for the past decade. Yet beneath the shadows of Empire, internal forces seeking power are slowly brooding, hoping to erode the political dominance of the vast AAnikh coalition. Further from home the suspicious death of a powerful Senator on the planet of Eternity adds to the concern within the great political bodies. How long will these forces remain in the shadows and when will they act?

Meanwhile, a young scion of the AAnikh clan secretly returns to Romulus to further his power abroad. Unbeknownst to him, his arrival has set off a chain of events that will leave the Empire changed forever.

Aylhr Characters

Kemaran bIng 'aj

NPCs (Non Player Characters) are a core of any simulation/RPG that wants to have a stable amount of depth. The Aylhr has a plethora of NPCs that interact with the crew on a daily basis (NPCs that are part of the crew). We also have NPCs that are geared towards developing situations and plots. I’ve split these NPCs into two groups: Major Characters who make several appearances and Minor Characters who only make short appearances at random intervals.

Also, the Aylhr often has guests from other games in UCIP who participate for a short time as a plot-centric character. While they are not NPCs they are also not members of the Aylhr so they are listed under the Guest Category.

Game Resources

We have provided a plethora of resources from open archives (we're not scared to keep our email lists open so people can see our quality- if a game keeps theirs private...run!) We also provide a live discord as a means of communication and you can just visit us in the #irw-aylhr room (though during the weekdays we usually don't appear until later in the afternoon pacific time).

If you do join us for a live chat (awesome!) We do ask that you respect other members in the discord chat room.


Other Resources:

Imperial Databank


Interested in playing but not sure what it means to be a Rihannsu (Romulan)? Don't be worried! We have everything you need to make a character and developed their background on this site! Our Imperial Databank has a plethora of information on the Romulans of UCIP. A lot of our information hails from the wonderful novel series Rihannsu by Diane Duane. Other information comes from roleplaying game sources such as The Way of D'Era by Last Unicorn Games. Though, honestly, a bulk of the information you will find here was developed with care and love by many role-players over two decades. We'd love for you to weave your own creativity and stories into our universe.