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UCIP Universe


We sim in the UCIP Universe whose history spans over two decades and while it may deviate from the recent movies and Star Trek Online game it makes up for it in both depth and creativity.

We also have a strong focus on the Romulans and Vulcans (not our only focus) but we do explore the depth and histories of these two species in detail. The Romulans we portray are based off the Rihannsu novel series by Diane Duane and the Vulcans are based off a mixture of ST lore from the series to the novel Spock's World. Aside from those two species we also have members who play out the Federation Council. The treacherous inner workings of the Romulan Empire. The constant obfuscation of the Cardassian Union and the raw brutality of the Klingon Empire.

If you want more specifics check out these pages: