Taverain Ramius

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Taverain Corsica Ramius
Rank: Captain
Position: CO, USS Corsair
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 160 Lbs
Father: Cmdr. Andrew Ramius
Mother: Loran Ramius
Siblings: Aiden Ramius
Marital Status: Single


Forty five years ago, archeologists working on the remote border world of Alveyon II uncovered ancient ruins of a long lost civilization buried deep within the planet’s surface. Accidentally discovered by a mining operation the find was astounding. Buried beneath the surface the researchers uncovered a technologically advanced facility composed of carbon neutronium alloys which took researchers days to penetrate. Having breached the walls of the site, scientists discovered a vast underground complex built by an unknown species for unknown reasons. Inside was technology and equipment still operational despite being entombed for thousands of years. The researchers also discovered a preserved alien body that had survived the ravages of time within advanced stasis pods scattered throughout the complex. The find was heralded in the media as an amazing discovery.

While the find eventually faded from peoples' minds the discoveries coming from the site continued. Researchers, able to extract viable samples of DNA from the alien corpse, worked diligently to understand and map the alien genome which stunned and perplexed the galaxy’s most brilliant scientific minds. The DNA differed from any known life form with amino sequences not found anywhere else in the known spectrum of life. Scientist theorized that the unique structure and composition of the DNA sequences could have granted the unknown alien race with remarkable abilities.

One gifted and brilliant young geneticist Dr. Artimis Ballentine attracted to the research projects based on the extinct alien race was the first to unlock the secrets of the alien genetic code. His research data was so astounding he hid his findings and conducted his own experiments in secret unwilling to share or reveal the amazing knowledge he was slowly unlocking. His personal lust for knowledge, driven by the dream of becoming the leading authority in genetics slowly led him into dark, unethical territory. Each subsequent experiment led him closer to unlocking the incredible potential of the alien DNA, but as a consequence forced him to use ever more unethical research methods to obtain the knowledge he so passionately sought.

During this time, Ballentine and an associate who had earned his confidence, were approached by a Starfleet commander in Intelligence whose children were afflicted with an incurable birth defect which had been diagnosed as terminal. Informed his children had only months to live the commander pleaded with the scientists for help having heard about the alien DNA’s miraculous properties through his vast network of intelligence contacts. Having exhausted all other forms of treatment for his two sons the commander made a private deal with the two scientists. Lacking live human test subjects to further their unethical research projects, the commander would allow the men to experiment on his two sons in a desperate, last bid to save their lives. If the tests worked the scientists could use the data to further their agenda. If the tests failed, the commander agreed to allow the scientists to keep their test data and would agree to keep the forbidden arrangement forever secret.

A treatment utilizing the alien genetic material was developed for each of the twins though each boy received a different variation of the treatment to increase the scientists' chances of success. Months after the initial treatments the boys recovered fully from their affliction as a result of the experiments. The procedure appeared to have miraculous implications, but before more research could be conducted Dr. Ballentine and his associate were exposed for hiding their research and performing gross, unethical experiments. While the tests on the two boys remained a guarded secret, Dr. Ballentine was expelled from the scientific community in disgrace for his behavior and illegal experimentation. The doctor faded into obscurity and the public eye after the incident. Ballentine's associate, suspected for blowing the whistle on the experiments over a disagreement with Ballentine, was found dead several months later in what authorities classified as a mysterious set of circumstances.

The two Ramius boys, suffering only minor side effects from the treatment, continued to live with their parents who hid the truth. Their lives were peaceful and serene with the boys exhibiting unusual characteristics as they grew older. The twins appeared faster, stronger, and were more intelligent than their peers while also less prone to sickness and injury. While their parents suspected a link to their children’s miraculous recovery and the treatment a decade earlier they failed to share the truth with their sons entrusting their dark secret to one close and well trusted family friend, Lt. Commander James Valtren.

Early Life

  • Alveyon II – small Class-M planet at the edge of Federation space near the Typhon Sector.

Taverain Ramius and his identical twin brother Aiden were born to parents Andrew and Loran in the colony’s capitol city. His father, a commander in Starfleet Intelligence, gathered information on Romulan, pirate, smuggler, and Breen activities along the Federation’s furthest borders. The intelligence operation on Alveyon was small and lightly staffed.

At twelve months of age the Ramius family learned their twin boys had contracted a fatal birth defect the result of an extremely rare, genetic flaw. Grief stricken over the news, Andrew and Loran sought help from the Quadrant’s leading doctors, but met with little success. No cure existed for the extremely rare and virtually unknown genetic flaw. Desperate to help his newborn children, Andrew Ramius came across information through his intelligence sources which he believed might hold the key to saving his sons' lives.

One scientist, Dr. Artemis Ballentine, a brilliant young geneticist who had traveled to Alveyon to research the mysteries of unusual genetic discovery, found more than he had expected during experiments with the alien genetic material. His findings and successive experiments unlocked shocking scientific knowledge. The extinct alien race had possessed superhuman qualities. Ballentine’s experiments revealed a race that possessed incredible strength, speed, and intelligence. Furthermore, his research which had now crossed into unethical territory, proved that animal subjects injected with modified fragments of the alien DNA could be enhanced. The enhancements provided the test subjects with incredible boosts in stamina, intelligence, regeneration, healing, and coordination. The results were astounding however none of the secretive, unethical experiments met with success. Ballentine quickly discovered that his animal subjects quickly died days or weeks after treatment with the alien DNA.

Confounded by the problems facing him and determined to find a way to stabilize the genetic augmentations as a possible treatment for human maladies, Ballentine quietly and cautiously enlisted the help of another scientist. The pair worked in secret on the project for many months attempting to create hybrid genes that could be injected without killing the host. The work continued until Cmdr. Andrew Ramius, through his network of intelligence informants and local underworld figures, stumbled across the scientist’s unusual activities and investigated.

Commander Ramius was shocked when he discovered the breadth of the arcane and banned experiments of the two researchers. He was close to exposing and arresting the scientists when he was approached by Dr. Ballentine with a proposition. Ballentine had heard about Ramius’s sons' medical problems through other colleagues and offered Ramius a deal. Ballentine was confident he could cure Ramius’s children with the forbidden knowledge he had been researching. The treatment was experimental, but with the twins near death, Ramius had little to lose. Ballentine’s proposal was simple. If he could cure Commander Ramius’s children- Ramius would destroy the intelligence he had gathered and would agree not to expose the scientists, their research, or their experiments. Against his better judgment, Ramius accepted the Doctor’s proposal and agreed to permit the experiment having exhausted all medical hope of saving his sons' lives.

Ballentine, determined to prove his genius and avoid being exposed for his unethical work, devised a new therapy for his live human subjects. The alien genetic material was modified and split between both of the dying twins. Remarkably, the procedure appeared to be a success. The twins, Taverain and Aiden, both recovered from their affliction. Within weeks all traces of the illness were gone. Overjoyed by the result, Andrew Ramius, true to his word, discarded his case against the two scientists and walked away destroying the data he had assembled against them.

Six years passed. The experiment that had saved Taverain’s and Aiden’s lives was known only to Andrew, Loran and the two scientists. Ballentine’s close associate, having become tired of his colleague’s continuous quest to perfect the technique he had pioneered on the Ramius children and anxious for his slice of fame revealed much of their work to the powerful defense research firm, Neodyne.

NeoDyne’s chief executive, Julius Merikai, increasingly obsessed with building the power of his company was immediately captivated by the news. Using his massive family fortune and corporate influence, Merikai quickly moved to capitalize on the new information.

Ballentine’s scientific cohort and colleague in the experiments soon found himself double-crossed by the powerful and influential NeoDyne president who sought the research data for himself and his own wily purposes. Determined to exact revenge for being exposed to local law enforcement by the company, the doctor moved to destroy years of coveted research. In a mad fit, the doctor incinerated years of unethical research, current experiments, data, and files. Using a phaser set to maximum, the doctor also destroyed the alien corpse which was the source of the incredible genetic material.

Days later the news reported the doctor dead – an apparent suicide, but under suspicious circumstances. Soon after the reported suicide, Dr. Artemis Ballentine was quickly exposed as having conducted illegal and unethical scientific experiments. The doctor was summarily tried and found guilty and was stripped of his medical license and numerous scientific degrees.

Ballentine, personally and financially ruined, was approached by President Julius Merikai sometime later and made an offer to work for the company or face personal ruin. The doctor quickly disappeared from public scrutiny and all traces of his existence were quietly and carefully erased, suppressed, or faded into obscurity.

The research facility, which had housed Ballentine’s work on Alveyon, was quickly purchased by Neodyne Corporation. Security was massively expanded at the facility rivaling hardened Romulan or Starfleet installations. The Alveyon government was heavily infiltrated and bribed by corporate agents and the original alien dig site which had been the source of the discovery nearly ten years earlier was sold by the Alveyon government to the NeoDyne Corporation which rapidly and quietly fortified the location.

A year passed. The events that had drawn media attention quickly faded. Few remembered the name Ballentine or even that there had been a significant archeological discovery on Alveyon. Everything surrounding the alien discovery was quietly forgotten relegated to the whispers of the past.

The Ramius family, their sons now age eight, lived quietly at the edge of the Alveyon capital. Having moved to the country, Andrew Ramius enjoyed his son’s vibrant youth and health. Seven years had passed and the boys continued to remain free of their illness. While the treatment had been successful, there were noticble side effects. The children seemed more resilient to common illness, had more speed and stamina, appeared to learn faster, and were generally stronger than children in their own age group. Taverain and Aiden exhibited occasional side effects, sometimes severe, but were generally fleeting and short lived. Aiden, for reasons unknown, lost his brown hair color as his hair went silver at the age of six, possibly as a side effect of the treatment. This difference was the only recognizable physical attribute that separated the two twin brothers from one another.

The Ramius family lived in peace until one fateful evening amid violent spring thunderstorm. Elite NeoDyne Security troops tasked with securing and kidnapping the two Ramius twins stormed the household. Lt. Commander James Valtren, a close friend of Andrew Ramius as well as his subordinate in intelligence, had learned of the NeoDyne plan and alerted his friend with only moments to spare. Valtren, was the only other soul who knew of the twin’s unique abilities and events surrounding their recovery.

As soldiers stormed the front of the Ramius home, Andrew and Loran Ramius stall the invaders with small arms fire hoping to buy Valtren enough time to escape with the children. Rushing out the backdoor of the home into a fierce storm with biting wind and driving rain, Valtren looses contact with Aiden as soldiers open fire on the fleeing officer and children. Taverain is wounded in the face, receiving an injury from exploding rock and debris – the scars of which he still carries as a reminder of that terrible day.

Unable to search for Aiden in the chaos, Valtren hurries Taverain to the safety of a Starfleet shuttlecraft. Taverain looks on through tear filled eyes as his home burns and his family are murdered for reasons he cannot yet understand at the young age of eight. The shuttle escapes the planet leaving Ramius alone having lost everything he knew in an instant that is forever burned into his memory.

Lt. Commander James Valtren, adhering to the oath he had made to Taverain’s father moments before the NeoDyne assault, adopts Taverain and raises him like a son having no children of his own.

Eventually, Valtren rises in the ranks of Fleet Intelligence achieving the rank of Commodore and later Rear Admiral and urges Taverain, a bright, but troubled teenager in need of discipline and purpose to join Starfleet. Taverain accepts and graduates from the Academy as a combat fighter pilot.

Ramius quickly makes a name for himself, much to Valtren’s consternation, forcing the Rear Admiral to use his influence and connections to keep his step-son out of the brig and out of general court martial proceedings.

With a lackluster career, and a reputation for being a problem, Ramius jumps from post to post as superior officers pass the young, audacious, and cavalier pilot from assignment to assignment. Taverain’s career is kept afloat only by his superior flying abilities which continue to amaze and confound his superiors. His natural piloting talent combined with his cavalier behavior makes him one of the best pilots in the fleet much to the chagrin of his superiors who have no choice but to pin commendations on Taverain’s chest. Avoiding court martial one commendation at a time, Ramius quickly attracts admirers and enemies in an incident involving his fighter squadron.

On a diplomatically sensitive mission, Ramius’s posting, USS Resolve, comes under surprise attack by hostile forces severely damaging the Resolve. Her fighter squadron, unable to launch all of its fighters due to the attack manages to dispatch only three fighters to counter the enemy threat. In what became a classified incident, due in part to Ramius’s father’s efforts at Starfleet Intelligence, Ramius, using his ‘unique’ abilities drives off the enemy attack single handedly in a lone fighter becoming a two time ace (10 confirmed kills) in a single action. His actions earn Ramius a great deal of respect, several high awards and commendations, and a citation from the Federation President.

Coined with the name: “Hero of Sepherian” after saving the USS Resolve and its nearby colony from its attackers, Ramius returns to the Academy as an instructor for a brief period before returning to active duty aboard the USS Crazy Horse.

During his service aboard the Crazy Horse, Ramius falls into a romantic relationship with a pilot under his command, a one Major Innovindil. Despite his and her reservations about the unintended relationship that had formed, the two fall in love.

During his service aboard the USS Crazy Horse, Taverain learns that his brother, Aiden, survived the horror from his childhood and is alive. Encountering his brother, Aiden explains that he was captured by NeoDyne troops shortly after Taverain escaped and later subjected to terrible experiments at the hands of NeoDyne scientists. Escaping NeoDyne forces, Aiden seeks out his brother who is rumored to have also survived.

Aiden, eventually locates his twin brother aboard the Crazy Horse. Having learned the truth of his existence he explains their father’s mistake to Taverain who until now has been almost oblivious to his past. Aiden further reveals that the original data and alien genetic material discovered years ago on Alveyon was destroyed leaving its remaining legacy flowing only in the bloodstream of himself and Taverain. Aiden goes on to reveal some of NeoDyne’s intentions and ensures his brother is aware he is now a marked man sought by one of the quadrant’s most powerful corporations.

Aiden, after years of torment by Neodyne, seeks revenge on the Alveyan people for their complicity in assisting NeoDyne years before. More specifically, Aiden lusts for revenge against NeoDyne itself and its new president, Alistair Merikai. He attempts to convince Taverain to join him explaining that they can use their ‘gifts’ to deliver justice to the bribed members of the Alveyan government and then turn their attention to destroying NeoDyne.

Taverain, despite the reunion with his brother, finds him fueled by hatred. Aiden appears to regard normal humans as inferior to himself and seeks to destroy anyone who would stand between him and his revenge. Taverain questions his brother’s motives and refuses to assist in Aiden's vengeful plans.

The two brothers encounter one another several times as Aiden continues the attempt to persuade his brother to his maligned cause of revenge. In their last encounter, Taverain and Aiden are forced to fight each other in a struggle that pits brother against brother requiring each to utilize their unique abilities. Equally matched as identical twins, neither gains an advantage in the battle which leaves the flight deck of the Crazy Horse in flames. In the aftermath, Ramius discovers that Aiden, badly injured, somehow escapes the Crazy Horse leaving Ramius with more questions than answers about a past he knew virtually nothing about.

Later, after an intense series of conversations with Admiral Valtren, Ramius expresses his deep displeasure with his step-father for not revealing his past to him. Valtren, explains he was trying to protect Ramius by not giving him the information of his past, knowing that foreign agents could someday come after Taverain’s secrets. Taverain doesn’t accept the Admiral’s explanation and the two develop a frosty relationship as a result. Only later does Valtren reveal what he knows to Taverain and cautions him that in addition to his brother, there are others who seek to obtain his secrets. Valtren warns Ramius, as he has all along, to keep his unusual talents and abilities secret for his own protection.

  • On Stardate 240703.24 – Ramius is transferred to the USS Dirae, an Akira Class Starship, as Wing Commander. Asked to transfer to the Marines, at the request of the captain, Ramius assumes the rank of Lt. Colonel in charge of the Dirae’s fighter forces.

  • On Stardate 240712.01 – Ramius, now under the command of a new captain, is asked to again assume his naval rank and is reinstated as a Commander at the request of Captain Zachary Chandler.

Taverain falls into a brief romance aboard the Dirae with a new pilot who seems to have her eye on the Wing Commander. Tav later discovers she secretly desires revenge against him for the events years earlier involving the USS Resolve. The pilot, who lost her brother in the fighting, blames Ramius and attempts to seduce him. Ramius discovers this when he is ambushed aboard the Dirae after coming to see the attractive pilot in her quarters. Unbenown to Ramius, Lt. Alexis Lenarra, driven by revenge for years, actually has fallen in love with Ramius and has second thoughts about her actions. She unwittingly joined forces with NeoDyne Intelligence Agents who use her and her emotions as a way to get to Ramius to abduct him for their own evil intent.

At the last moment, Lenarra changes her mind, and interferes with the NeoDyne agent’s attempts to secure Ramius. Taverain scuffles with the agent who fatally wounds Lt. Lenarra before disintegrating himself with a phaser to avoid capture.

Ramius listens to Lenarra as she asks for forgiveness from the Commander and expresses her love shortly before expiring. The intense events cause a crisis of conscious for Ramius who now struggles to reconcile his existence with the rest of the world. Feeling many of the raw emotions of his brother Aiden, Tav begins to sympathize with his brother’s harsh views on humanity. Distraught over Lt. Lenarra’s death and the knowledge she was used by NeoDyne agents to get at him, Ramius contemplates leaving Starfleet, but is finally talked out of resigning by his best friend.

Deeply troubled by recent events, Ramius questions his own existence wondering if the universe would be better off without the secrets that flow within him. With no desire to die, Ramius cannot escape the reality that remaining alive could endanger billions of people if his secrets fall into the wrong hands.

The Second Dominion War

The Second Dominion War erupts across the galaxy pitting the Federation once again against Dominion forces intent on smashing the Federation. With losses mounting and a severe shortage or qualified commanders cool in battle and skilled in combat, Starfleet issues Taverain a battlefield commission to the rank of Captain and pulls him from active combat duty to command the USS Broadsword. Ramius violently rejects the initial promotion but is steadfastly forced to accept the new rank and position. Thrown into the fire of war, the Broadsword serves with distinction in many battles and skirmishes with Dominion forces until the war comes to an end.

Lacking specific orders after the war’s end with less need for experienced combat commanders, Captain Ramius is transferred to Starfleet Intelligence under the orders of Rear Admiral James Valtren. Having joined the ranks of intelligence top brass, Valtren uses his office and authority to assign Ramius to missions that typically remain “off the record”. Valtren also comes into possession of the USS Corsair, a prototype starship, developed and based upon the successful Nebula Class hull design but with vast improvements in speed, armor, and firepower. The ship design project is scrapped after the end of the war leaving the prototype the only ship of its type in existence. Valtren ensures Ramius is given command of the new ship having used his rank to save it from the Starfleet scrapyard.

Accepting the most hazardous or risky intelligence assignments, Ramius as a result, is afforded wide operational authority under the banner of intelligence to investigate the powerful, NeoDyne Defense Corporation. Valtren, also seeking to expose NeoDyne for its secret crimes and agenda in addition to its hand in the death of his best friend, ensures Ramius’s actions and missions are classified and kept off the fleet radar. As a result, the USS Corsair is afforded ‘special’ status due to the clandestine and dangerous missions it typically undertakes.

Captain Ramius, armed with the proper tools and power, now seeks to bring those responsible for his parent’s deaths to justice. In addition, Ramius seeks to end the threat posed by his genetic legacy and vows to prevent NeoDyne from obtaining and exploiting the forbidden knowledge that he and he alone must protect.

Medical Information

Taverain has an intense dislike for medical personnel partially out of a fear one of them will discover the abnormalities in his genetic makeup. Afraid of the consequences of having his unusual biology made public, Ramius avoids doctors in all but the most extreme situations preferring to administer first aid and medical treatments to himself. While doing his best to hide his secrets from others, Ramius has been hospitalized on occasion due to the terrible side effects that occur whenever he attempts to utilize his dormant abilities. Despite questioning, Ramius has managed to evade most medical challenges to his unusual biology. He occasionally suffers intense nightmares and bouts of insomnia associated with events surrounding his difficult and traumatic childhood.

Taverain suffers from perpetual reoccurring nightmares due in part to the traumatic loss of his family as a small child. The nightmares are often vivid and intense and often cause Ramius a certain amount of stress when they occur. Starfleet Medical has often noted Ramius's mental condition as a concern due to his unwillingness and/or inability to express his painful past with counselors and other medical personnel. Evaluations suggest Ramius tends to bottle up his emotions which over time cause the captain undue anxiety and stress due to his lack of emotional expression.

Ramius also avoid routine checkups and has been cited on numerous occasions for failing to report for annual physical examinations. Exhibiting noticeable levels of discomfort around medical personnel has been noted, but cannot be contributed to any specific cause or reason. The captain is uncooperative when asked about the subject.

Doctors have also noted unusual readings from the captain especially when injury or sickness occurs. Ramius has been observed recovering from injury far faster that normal. No data exists that as to the nature of the observed medical anomalies, but many have been noted in his medical file over the years which tend to raise the eyebrows of some doctors who review the captain's files. The captain, when questioned on this subject, claims he has no knowledge of any abnormalities, actions, or other events which may explain the anomalous readings that are often detected by medical personnel.


While having suffered several severe injuries due to combat operations as a fighter pilot, Ramius has had no lasting effects from these events. A small pink scar remains on Ramius's right cheek from an incident during his youth. Despite an easy medical procedure to remove the blemish, Ramius retains the mark for personal reasons known only to him.

Personality & Traits

Taverain is an easy going person with a strong sense of duty, justice, and honor. His personality, however, has hardened somewhat being elevated to the rank of captain and placed in command of a starship. His constant concerns about NeoDyne intentions have made him cautious and suspicious fearing NeoDyne subterfuge in their relentless campaign to capture him.

Caring little for military protocol or rulebooks, Taverain often skirts or "bends" the rules to fit his needs at any given time. As a result, Tav is usually unpopular with ranking officials due to his general disregard of protocol and the chain of command. With a step-father, an Admiral in Fleet Intelligence, Ramius can often push the envelope as the step-son of a influential fleet officer. While sometimes at odds with rules, superiors, and regulations that don't agree with him - Ramius is devoted and loyal to Starfleet and to the officers around him which have earned his respect. Ramius values strength, decisiveness, integrity, and character.

Despite his lax stance on military protocol, Tav takes his duties extremely seriously, almost to a fault. He is considered by many, to be one of the finest combat pilots in Starfleet. His impressive, nearly legendary combat record and his uncanny ability to make the "impossible, possible" has earned him his fair share of supporters as well as enemies.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Ramius is a proud, headstrong, officer who is fiercely individualistic. The result of a difficult youth, Tav tends to take matters too seriously and has at times trouble separating his emotions and judging events dispassionately.

Possesses excellent command attributes with the ability to take charge of almost any situation and make appropriate snap decisions especially under combat or other adverse conditions. While somewhat a throwback to earlier Starfleet commanders, Ramius has little patience for diplomacy or negotiation preferring direct approaches with a more "shoot-first, ask questions later" mentality. Sometimes called a rogue or a cowboy, Ramius wears the badges with distinction often charging into situations which where others fear to venture.

Cavalier and occasionally reckless, Ramius enjoys the rush of danger and the thrill of the unknown and often flirts with both much to the disapproval of superior officers. Despite his craving for adrenaline, Ramius is always keenly aware of his situation and his limitations. Priding himself on his abilities, Ramius believes, as have others before him, that there's no such thing as a "no-win" scenario.

Taverain possesses unique physical and mental abilities which exceed those of normal humans. Taverain goes to great lengths to hide his enhanced abilities from others which include increased strength, physical tolerance, increased stamina, increased concentration and mental abilities, and accelerated healing abilities. These enhancements, the result of genetic manipulation with an obscure alien genome to correct a fatal birth defect, have aided him in performing actions that normal humans would be unable to achieve.

However, the abilities come with a high physical and mental price. His unsual abilities are difficult to activate. The stress of combat or intense emotions, especially anger, appear to be the catalyst allowing Tav to access his usually dormant abilities. The abilities are always limited to short durations as the physical toll of using them is extreme. Since a human body was never meant to perform at levels beyond its capabilities, Tav always endures severe bouts of extreme pain shortly after the effects of his abilities wear off typically resulting in temporary blackouts and other debilitating side effects. Therefore, Ramius seldom uses his abilities except in all but the most dire circumstances. He's been warned, by those who have some knowledge of what occurred to him in his youth, that prolonged use of his abilities could shorten his life span and may even prove fatal in time.

Ramius is often headstrong, brash, sometimes arrogant and can be easy to anger. He attempts to temper his emotions with logic and reasoning which do a fair job at canceling his powerful emotions out (most of the time). Tav is a man of deep emotions, but often keeps them to himself (for good or ill) maintaining the expected facade of the unshakable Starfleet officer. Ramius is a complicated person who surprises, annoys, and challenges himself about as often as he does those around him.

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