T’Imina t’Verelan

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T’Imina t’Verelan
Rank: erie'Riov
Position: Rhaetelh'Saehne
Race: Romulan (Rihannsu)
Gender: Female
Age: 44
Hair Color: Mixed-Blonde
Eye Color: Crimson Red
Height: 5’10” / 178 cm
Weight: 139 lbs / 63 kg
Father: Khre’Riov Vamim tr’Verelan
Mother: T’Nilisa t’Verelan (Deceased)
Siblings: Arrain Rilol tr’Verelan (Deceased) - Twin Brother
Marital Status: Single



General Overview

T’Imina comes across quite neutral in her approach to things - one would almost say she could seem rather Vulcan like at times. When she does show emotion, it tends to lie on the cold and stern side of the spectrum. She is extremely xenophobic - a product of being raised in an environment to reject anything which was not pure-Romulan. She can certainly present an ill-will towards other species and especially the same of Romulan half-breeds. There is a great deal of anger within her, which at times can be caught only by those she dares let within arms reach, glimmering behind the facade she puts forward to the external world around her. Deep within, there are sparks of someone who does care for others - enclosed in years of emotional abuse at the hands of her father. Sadly for T’Imina, those sparks have never had the opportunity to ignite into anything more. The only person she had ever truly let see the soft and warm side of her had been her twin brother Rilol.

Strengths & Weaknesses

T’Imina is an extremely smart and resourceful individual - she has the ability to retain almost anything she learns on its first attempt, which has allowed her to serve with exemplary standards in most of the postings throughout the empire. It is this confidence and assuredness that does lend a certain perception of ‘knowing-it-all’ from those around her.
T’Imina’s greatest weakness is her closed-off nature. She can’t be quite abrupt in ending conversations, engagements and interpersonal exchanges - if she does not see a purpose in the interaction, she certainly does not actively and mindfully participate. She can be rather brash with officers who are below her in rank and position and expects perfection from those under her direction.


T’Imina initially desired to pursue a lifetime career within in Tal’Diann. Having had the opportunity to serve in command throughout her career though, her focus has shifted into retrieving a command of her own someday. Her ultimate priority though is to retain the honour of her house/clan and the favour of her father.

Service Record

2377: Born
2394-2398: Galae Academy (Graduation obtained in 4-years)
2397-2398: Tal’Diann Training (Farien-Erien)
2399-2402: Tal’Diann Junior Officer - IRW Vanesish (Erien)
2402-2408: Tal’Diann Officer - Romulan Starbase Arn’Mei (Erien-Arrain)
2408-2409: Tal’Diann Legate - IRW Maresh (Arrain)
2409-2411: Acting Rhaetelh'Saehne (ARS) - IRW Maresh (Acting EnArrain)
2411-2418: Tal’Diann Legate - Romulan Starbase Arn’Mei (EnArrain-erie'Riov)
2418-2419: Demoted to Arrain - Assigned Amei'Saehne - Romulan Scout Ship T’Shan
2419-2420: Rhaetelh'Saehne (RS) - Romulan Scout Ship T’Shan (Arrain)
2420: Reinstated into Tal’Diann as erie’Riov - Special Operations Training
2420-2421: Tal’Diann Legate - IRW Vadmoir (erie’Riov)
2421-Present: Rhaetelh'Saehne (RS) - IRW Aylhr (erie’Riov)

This Character is played by Andrew.