Samantha Myers-Korialis

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Name: Samantha Myers-Korialis
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 52kg
Assignment: Chief Engineer
Location: Astate Colony
Father: Greg Myers
Mother: Julienne Myers (Deceased)
Sibling(s): Andrew Myers
Marital Status: Married to Jolias Enor


Samantha was the first child of Greg and Julienne Myers. Since early age, she developed a fondness to math and quick learning. In elementary school she showed great ability to fixed things. (She liked to repair broken toys)

At age of six, a new member of the family came (Andrew Myers), their relation as brother and sister would be define as normal, but as brother and sister they would disagree and fight sometimes.

At the age of 18, Samantha decided to join to Starfleet. Her parents tried to convince her to become a doctor, but she knew she did not have what it took to "fix people." She preferred fixing instruments and machines. Samantha showed she was skillful managing computers so her parents stopped insisting for her to change her mind.

Before graduating from Starfleet, Samantha return home to accompany her agonizing mother. It were two difficult months for the family. The pain caused by the death of Julienne make Greg ignore his son and daughter to this date. Samantha's brother, Andrew, now 15 years old, also was emotionally affected and this reflected on his behavior. He is always getting in some kind of trouble at school and he often starts fights with his classmates.

Samantha's first assigment was on board the USS Defender, a Starfleet ship that came from an alternate universe and took the place of the USS Defender that was destroyed in this timeline. On board the Defender, Sam met several friends and the love of her life, CMO Lt Pauly Coppolino. Soon after, both were reassigned and Samantha ended up in DS12 but her stay in the station didn't lasted long as she missed serving on a starship.

Sam was later assigned to the Dirae where she served in the operations department. There she met a cardassian named Amanje Rusof whith whom she started to have a close relation. Her closeness to Amanje was sabotaged by Rebecca an IS controlling the bioship that was given to the Dirae crew. Rebecca even tried to harm Samantha to keep her away from the CEO therefore she had to be reassigned.

Samantha was later assigned to the engineering department where she last served as Chief Engineer. While serving on that starship she developed a close relation with the CO, Capt Jolias Enor. Their close relation lead to Samantha getting pregnant and once Jole knew of her status, he proposed to her.

Samantha gave birth to a healthy boy and named him Thomas Korialis. She also adopted Nitka, Jole's daughter from his previous marriage.

Medical History

Suffered amnesia after hitting her head during an away mission. According to the diagnosis of the neuro-specialists on the medical vessel, USS Hartford, -who didn't find a way to cure her condition- Sam's memory will come back eventually.

Service Record

  • 240104.27 - Assigned to the USS Defender as Computer Specialist
  • 240202.05 - Assigned as Chief Engineer Officer of the USS Defender.
  • 240204.10 - Transferred to Deep Space 12 as Assistant Engineer Officer.
  • 240205.XX -Assigned as Acting Chief Engineer in DS12.
  • 240306.XX - Transfered to the Starship Dirae as Chief Operations
  • 2405XX.XX - Assigned to the USS Warrior as Chief Engineer

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