Romulan Worlds

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Eisn, the star designated by the Lloann’mhrahel (Federation) as 128 Trianguli, is the star of the Rihannsu (“Romulan” to you Lloann’na) home system. Eisn is a dwarf G9-type star, orbited by six planets. The third planet is ch’Rihan, which is in its turn orbited by another planet, ch’Havran, much like a moon orbits a planet.

Ch'Rihan (Romulus)

ch’Rihan was the first world settled by the Chosen of the Fartravel ships, over two thousand years ago. Upon planetfall, the Rihannsu were astounded by the paradise their future home really was. It took the settlers some time to adjust to life with water, especially in the areas of agriculture and leisure. The planet hosts numerous forests, lakes, and waterfalls. Aside from several cities, ch’Rihan is largely a kingdom of nature. Several areas on the planet’s surface are very mountainous. The world’s topography consists of large oceans, five large continents, and a scattering of islands. All of the continents have many mountainous ranges, fertile plains, and vast swaths of wilderness on the two western continents. Besides the twin planet ch’Havran, two moons also orbit the planet: Pirek and Elvreng.

Detailed Map of Ch'Rihan

The Capital world of the Rihannsu Stelam Nneikha (“Romulan Star Empire”), ch’Rihan is known for its green-golden skies, its moderate climates (in comparison to Vulcan), its hot and humid tropical jungle atmosphere, its intense high gravity (comparable to Vulcan’s, approximately 2.52 Earth normal), and it’s beautiful landmarks. Ch’Rihan is comprised of major cities and suburbs and is the main center of the Empire’s commerce.

Ra’telhfi is the capital city of ch’Rihan, and as such is the largest city on the planet. It is the home of the main Senate complex; and also houses various museums, temples, theaters, libraries, zoos, medical centers, and numerous shopping districts. It is also the major center for education. The Phi’lasasam (military academy), the Ihryhfirhl Rheallri (astrophysics academy), and various other centers of higher learning are located within the city of Ra’tleihfi. Recently, the various academies have branched out, and now have other, smaller campuses on other colony worlds. One such campus -- and one of the most popular of the smaller academies -- is the Reghaih’Vriafwe Rheallri (military sciences academy) located on the colony world of Delnar. The Military Sciences Academy not only trains new recruits, as does the Phi'lasasam, but instructs their students in all manner of sciences....intelligence to medical, and everything in between. Though it is a small campus, the curriculum is vast and has drawn many young Rihannsu students in its short time.

The headquarters for the secretive Tal Shi’ar is also located in Ra’telhfi, the civilian “secret service,” so to speak. Many endeavors are to be found in Ra’telhfi, and as such, it is indeed a teeming metropolis. Those from more rural provinces and other worlds are often astounded at the sheer magnificence of Ra’telhfi.

Senate Complex at the center of Ra'tleihfi on Ch'Rihan

Ch’Rihan also holds some of the most beloved natural landmarks in all of the Empire. The Fire Falls of Gol’Gathong, the Apnex Sea, and the Valley of Chula are the most renowned and draw thousands of travelers daily. The Fire Falls of Gol’Gothong, (Ourai Copai-a ch’Gol’Gothong), for example, is ch’Rihan’s only active volcano. It exists in a constant state of eruption, and the river of lava pours over the northern cliffs of the Gol’Gothong mountain. Only a little of this lava cools as it spreads, but the bulk of it flows into the earth, to again make another journey back up through the mountain.

The Apnex Sea (Apnex Feihr) lies along the equator and separates three of the continents: Dohraglh, Rygohylah, and Sarythnn; and is home to many small islands, most of which are comprised of fishing villages. Thousands come to bask in its warm, purplish waters, and cool breezes.

The Valley of Chulla (Rrhiol ch’Chulla) lies on the southeastern edge of the Lerodan Sea and has become a favorite winter home for many of those that live in the cooler climates. In the days of the Empire, the old rulers used to reside here in the winter, in the golden-hued palace that sits in the Valley's center.

Another popular attraction, though not naturally-made nor based on the planet itself, is the Dheyyan Aeleir’khaelfa-ir (Honored space docks). This is a “trophy case” of those enemy crafts that have been captured in glorious battles and are located just out of the orbit of the twin worlds of ch’Rihan and ch’Havran. There are daily shuttle tours to view the craft of various fallen foes, and tales are told about the battles which brought the trophies home. For those who can not take the shuttle tours for one reason or another, there is the Dheyyan Aeleir’Allihv (Honored Space Museum) in which one can view models of the trophy-ships, and read about the battles that won them, as well as view various other exhibits.

The capital, Ra’tleihfi, is located on the central continent that crowns the Apnex sea. As a result, the region houses most government agencies. The northern continent is the “prime area” of ch’Rihan, marking wealth, prestige and power to be born here or to live here. Other major cities of ch’Rihan are Aihai, Dahrthha (Dartha), Elihu, i’Ramnau, Ihhliae, Iuruth, Llunih, Ki’Bahrytyhn (Ki Baratan), Kihai, Mhiessan, Mnaeha, Nn’Verih, Ra'tleihfi, Rhehiv’je, Rrhiol ch’Chulla.

Ch'Havran (Remus)

ch’Havran orbits ch’Rihan and is roughly one-third smaller. It is cooler than its twin and has a slightly lighter gravity (approximately 2.21 Earth normal). It hosts oceans as well and three continents, with a smattering of islands, all of which are heavily forested and mountainous. Aside from a forested northern continent which also has several mountain ranges, there is a narrow tropical band around the equator. Three tectonic fault lines traverse the planet. The tropical jungle atmosphere with thin air, intense heat, and so forth make it much like ch’Rihan in those regards.

Detailed Map of Ch'Havran

The “little brother” of the Two Worlds, ch’Havran is more a world of agriculture, gaming preserves, dilithium mines, and resort towns. Most people that live here, make their living in one way or another by working the land. Farms, hatcheries, and the like run rampant on ch’Havran or working in the mines or other industries. Though not a major center for commerce as is ch’Rihan, ch’Havran does have its attractions as well, including various and varied industries, factories, and the like.

There are numerous gaming preserves on ch’Havran filled with wild and dangerous beasts from all over Rihannsu space. And for a fee one can perfect their hunting skills in these preserves. A few of the larger preserves even boast of rarer specimens from outside Rihannsu space as well, that have been captured and specially bred until Their numbers have increased dramatically. Species such as the lematya of Vulcan; the polar bear, the lion, and the Bengal tiger from Earth; Dor’Gavdt of Qo’noS; and errini of Bajor, among numerous other creatures, can be tracked and, if one is skillful enough, killed in the preserves that boast of such specimens. Most hunters will flock to these larger preserves after practicing their hunting skills in the smaller preserves, to try and bring down one of the rarer species.

A Space Port located near the city of Aehvaelh on Ch'Havran

Hunting is not as easy as one would first suspect, however, as hunters do not use disruptors to bring down their prey. To do so robs the beast of a fair chance to defend itself, and is considered a dishonorable act for the one who uses such modern technology. We do not have fangs or claws....but neither do the beasts have disruptors and particle weapons. In hunting, one may use a bladed weapon or one that may be constructed from the environment around them. Spears may be made from the fallen branches of trees. Bows and arrows may be made from wood, vine, and fallen feathers. Stones may be utilized for a sling made out of a belt. The trick here is survival of the fittest. You must be clever and strong, or you will not survive the hunt. This is a lesson that all must be taught and that all must learn. Children are taught the skill of hunting at a very early age, as this is one of the tests they must face as part of the D’sora ceremony.

Many resort towns flourish on ch’Havran, with its rural beauty, and wide-open spaces. Many of the noble House-members flock here to get away from the urbanization and the face-paced atmosphere of ch’Rihan. Many so-called “resort towns” are really nothing more than camping grounds with cabins for short-term rent. Quite a few of non-nobility also spend time in these “towns,” not to rent the frivolous cabins as the rich tend to do, but more to camp in the outdoors, and commune with nature. Hiking trails abound on ch’Havran, as do fvaiin-riding trails that are favored by the children that visit this world.

Colonized by settlers a few years after ch’Rihan was settled, ch’Havran is the military-industrial center of the Empire. All major components for weaponry, ships, and so forth are manufactures on ch’Havran. Of the Two Worlds, ch’Havran is the richer in natural resources. Some major communities on ch'Havran: Argat, Bardat, Dektenb, Harkan, i'Rameau, Latasalaem (the capital of ch’Havran), and Masfarik.