Romulan Recreation

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Most Rihannsu play games such as D'elo which is a game of stones and sticks that can be traced back to an ancient Vulcan. There are Arena games, similar to the Terran Olympics, where athletes (both men and women) show their prowess with various Rihannsu weapons and fighting techniques. Bloodsports, such as Ke`veshrek (similar to kickboxing) and Flitter racing (anti-grav speedway racing) are also extremely popular and are often broadcast on a regular schedule all throughout the Empire.

Multi-D chess, Computer Simulated war games involving traditional and modern Romulan technology, a variety of 'blind chess formats, and a variety of card games all hold the attention of soldiers in the field, as well as those working at home. Most recently, mutagenic 'portable' computer systems, developed using now outdated Tal Shiar cipher systems, have become quite popular in the North and East. While these little devices can generate any number of puzzles for their player, most often they revolve around a simple 'layering' system, which grows in complexity (via speed, chance, and scale) over the course of the game. These systems are doubly popular, due to their ability to 'soft link with each other, which adds a considerably more challenging 'live' opponent to face.

While Holographic simulations and novels are available and not socially frowned upon, the Rihannsu's thirst for a real opponent, and a real experience, makes them far less popular in the RSE.

Artistic abilities show the softer side of the Rihannsu personality, balancing a fierce warrior ethic with the sensitivity of an artist. Sculpting, pottery, and carving are the most popular media -- Rihannsu prefers to work in 3-dimensional forms. In addition to the visual arts, there is writing, literature, poetry, drama, and ëlhií, a game of wits and riddles. Rihannsu also relishes nature and enjoy the beauty of it -- most are avid hikers, riders, or mountaineers. While less common, scroll painting (a mix of calligraphic writing and light painting) has a long tradition in the Rihannsu culture.

Martial Arts

Romulans are very secretive about their fighting styles. Few, if any non-Rihannsu have ever learned them. In fact, some styles and maneuvers described below aren't even known to exist by the Federation and other enemy races. Any time the Rihannsu have had to use them in combat, they make sure that witnesses do not leave the battle alive. All Rihannsu Martial Arts are ranked in Orders, from lowest to whatever levels a Master's Peers deem his skill to be. There is no upper limit but it would be rare in the extreme for a Rihan to reach a level of the 15th order or higher. These levels are reached only by the greatest of Instructors in the fighting styles. For a person to reach the dev level whilst living a life that involved anything other than constant training would be difficult to achieve. The Bladed Arts have no such system, a Rihanha's skill being shown by the number of enemies he or she has defeated in single, honorable combat.

Romulan Navy Martial Arts

The basic moves are Block, Disarm, Grab, Kick, Punch, and Throw. These moves are executed with a minimum of flourish, just quick and deadly. It is meant to disable or kill an opponent quickly. The Block, Kick, and Punch are taught to those in Serona


The basic moves are Block, Durasha (a fist-smash or punch), Kuluri (a hand or fist strike against a nerve cluster), M'larek (bone-breaking or organ-damaging strike) and Sidrok (breaking of a joint by grabbing and either twisting or striking the joint with the other hand). The form is quite ancient and its origins are lost in time.

Kormorek is a swift, brutal fighting style. When two combatants meet on the field, one of them, at least, is going to leave it bloody, if he leaves it at all. It is not uncommon for both to be covered in their own blood at the end of a match. Though blocking is permitted in the conventions of the style, blocking and dodging are considered cowardly and combatants do not fend off the strikes of their opponents.

The style is looked down on by "respectable" Rihannsu because it is so violent and vicious. Though it is not sanctioned by the Military, some officers learned it "on the streets" before they entered the War College.


N'Delrek is also an ancient art and resembles Terran jujitsu and wrestling. The objective is to grapple the opponent to the ground and disable him with a punch or strike.

The basic moves are Golradi (joint lock), Grab, Huunar (throw), Kellad (nerve strike), and Strike (basic punch, kick or other strike)


Though not as ancient a combat style as Kormorek or N'Delrek, it has been around for a thousand years. It began in the monasteries of the warrior-priests, the CH'Vash, who developed it as a way to maintain fitness. Over the next century, moves were added from armed combat styles to make this art a formidable form of unarmed combat.

The bacis moves are, Blind (stun-strike to a sensory organ), Block, Disarm, Grab, Kick, Nerve Strike (stun), Punch, Rapid Punch, and Throw.

The combat form resembles a combination of Terran martial arts, and many "styles" have developed from the original form. Some are graceful and flowing, some are direct and quick.


The basic moves are Block, Hand Strike, Leg Sweep, Pivoting Kick, Roundhouse Kick, and Snap Kick. The combat style resembles Terran kickboxing.

This combat form also developed "in the streets" but later became legitimized. Matches are public affairs, and spectators wager on who is going to win.


Loosely translated as "laughing murder," this is something like Judo. It is used as a training exercise on long voyages to keep in shape.