Romulan Fashion

From IRW Aylhr

The three main sectors of the Empire all have their differing styles, in which the traditional and the modern seem to be constantly at odds, and are only now just beginning to merge together. Traditionally, the Rihannsu are very conservative in their style of dress, preferring to stay with plain, functional clothing that was the norm within the days of the Empire. However, with the ending of the civil war, the young people of the Empire have discovered the more radical (to the traditionalists) fashions of the Northern Sector of the Empire, and have slowly, much to the horror of their elders, started to adopt this newer style. The color pallet of the Romulan people hasn't changed as much as the rest of their fashions have. They still prefer the blacks, deep browns, darker greens, and light to dark gray hues of the older styles. Though it is not uncommon to see dark, almost midnight or cobalt blues, deep purples, and the darkest of reds. This is especially true of the attire preferred by females within the Western and Northern Sectors of the Empire.

Western Sector

Western Imperial Fashion

It is within the Western Sector of the Empire, including the twin worlds of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran, that a revolution between the two styles (traditional and modern) is currently taking place. The elder Rihannsu still prefer the more traditional styles of the old Empire, and the common brown and grey robes of civilians and nobles are still the much preferred unisex mode of dress with the over 200-set. House uniforms are also still very much cherished, and can still be seen on more formal occasions. However, the younger Rihannsu, have begun to cast aside the more traditional attire and no longer wear the common robes of their elders. These younger Rihannsu prefer the more form-fitting, gender-specific clothing of the North, and it is not uncommon to see them wear the more provocative styles in place of the more traditional House uniforms as well, despite the fact that their elders obviously do not approve.

Young men tend to wear the more close-cut pants or slacks, either ankle-length to below mid-calf boots and fitted tunics or jackets with either a mid or high collar. Capes may also be worn in both casual and formal attire by those of nobility. Perhaps the most radical change for the Empire is not so much the attire adopted by the younger men, but the fashion that was embraced by the young women. For it is these young women who have ultimately thrown out the old unisex style of the Empire, and have taken to wear the more figure-revealing dresses and casual wear of the North. It is not uncommon to see the young women of the Empire wearing form-fitting pants; loose-fitting blouses with or without embellishments; and ankle-length boots, or soft slipper-like shoes. Dresses are not an uncommon sight with the younger women either. Most of the dresses worn within the Western Sector are suitable for either day or evening. Two of the most popular styles are long-sleeved, off-the-shoulder, empire-waist, floor-length gowns; and dresses that are long-sleeved, form-fitting, and either knee or ankle length hemmed. Many females who are not in the military (or if they are when they're not on duty) have begun to wear the newer fashions at every opportunity, much to the dismay of their elders.

Northern Sector

Northern Imperial Fashion

The Northern Sector of the Empire is the center for all the fashion that has been the talk of controversy among the elders of the other sectors of the Empire. It is here at the planet ch'Revellion, with its much harsher environment than either of the twin worlds, that a more relaxed and provocative style was born. It is not uncommon to see both males and females with nothing on their feet, but beaded thongs for embellishment. The Men wear tunics or jackets in the colder seasons and light-weight shirts, either long or no-sleeved during the hotter seasons. The attire for women is much more provocative here in the Northern Sector as well. The preferred dresses of the Western Sector females can be seen here often in the colder seasons, but the Northern Sector females most often prefer the mid-thigh skirts and dresses for the warmer seasons. One of the most popular styles of dresses are either sleeveless, or with halter-type straps that encircle the neck, backless, and either with one or two side slits on the long skirts, from either hem-to-mid-calf or hem-to-hip.

Eastern Sector

Eastern Imperial Fashion

The Eastern Sector of the Empire is the furthest out from either the twin-worlds or ch'Revellion and is therefore still clinging very much to its fundamentalist attitude. It is here that the more traditional attire is always worn. The brown and grey robes of casual wear still are the norm, House uniforms haven't changed since their first adoption; even the haircuts are still the same close-cropped ones from the days of the old Empire. One would be hard-pressed to distinguish between the genders while in the Eastern Sector of the Empire.

Military Uniforms

Romulan military uniforms are a strange lot. At one moment, they are as they were since the founding, very much the 'traditional' bland two-tone grey tunic type. On the other, they are almost more varied than civilian clothing. The reader should keep in mind that, while the following images and descriptions are accurate to the RSR's standard uniform set, the standard uniform set may not be actively used by everyone in the field.

In the case of the Galae, fleets, ships, and even individual units, which have been highly decorated by the Senate may wear uniforms and insignia of their own cut and color. Also, many naval officers wear a 'semi-formal' attire while on active duty. This is often simply a family sash, scarf, or even a house crest worn on the belt, but may be as elaborate as a full vest and sword rigging.

In the Tal`Shiar, not only is there no official ruling on belt and jacket usages, but there is no ruling on the amount of 'non-standard' gear which an officer may carry on standard duty. So, more often than not, an Agency unit will have a very eclectic feel-- ranging in dress from shiny black leather bodysuits to dull heavy black pants, to more metallic equipment than clothing at all.

Lastly, and perhaps most ironic as they represent the most traditional side of the Empire, the Rei`Krannsu has but one rule for uniform: the standard jacket (which doubles as light protective armor) must be worn at all times. Beyond this, vests, sashes, baggy pants, tight pants, half pants, high boots, short running shoes-- all are up to the discretion of the Legion, or if on a smaller scale, the CO, to decide.


Galae Uniforms Circa 2421

The Galae duty uniform consists of dark gray slacks, a gray, mid-collar tunic that is a shade or two lighter than the slacks, and ankle-length boots. Gone are the Y-shaped belts, or the over-the-shoulder belts. Instead, a plain, black belt may be worn to hold a disruptor holster, and an honor-blade, if one wishes to carry them.

The dress uniform utilizes the standard duty uniform but adds a finely-woven black and silver chain-mail shirt to go over the tunic. Senior officers may also use black capes as well. The capes may, or may not, be lined inside with the Officer's House-colors as well. The black boots for the dress uniform are mid-calf length.

The rank insignia for the Galae is worn on the left side of the mid-collar tunic for both duty and dress uniforms.


The Tal'Shiar's duty uniform consists of black slacks, black mid-calf boots, and a black high-collar tunic. The tunic has fine lines of gray that streak through the material from collar to bottom of the hem, and collar-to-cuff of the sleeves. The rank insignia is worn on both sides of the high-collar tunic for the duty uniform.

The dress uniform also utilizes the standard duty uniform but adds an elaborately designed jacket that fits over the standard high-collar tunic. This dress uniform jacket is black, the hem of which is longer than the tunic, almost like 'tails', and fastens in front with five silver plackets. There is silver trim on the shoulders, the cuffs of the sleeves, and the upper lapel of the collar. The rank insignia is worn on both lower edges of this upper lapel. A black, wide belt is worn over the jacket, with a slim over-the-shoulder belt as well. A black cape that fastens on the back of the shoulders may also be worn.


The Rei'Krannsu duty uniform is comprised of black slacks, ankle-length boots, and a black jacket that opens and closes along the right side of the chest area. A slim belt may also be worn to carry a disruptor holster, an honor blade, or one of the various styles of swords if one wishes to carry them.

This same uniform also serves as the dress uniform. The additions of a modernized silver helmet, a black and silver breastplate, and a back half-cape that attaches to the left shoulder and drapes down over the back to attach to the right side of the belt make up the dress uniform. The breastplate covers both the back and front of the uniform and is comprised of a rather stiff material that is both heat and energy dispersing, and impact resistant. Often the Rei'Krannsu will also carry their various styles of swords while in dress uniform.

The rank insignia for the Rei'Krannsu is shown on the left sleeve of both the duty and dress uniforms, about an inch below the shoulder seam.