Romulan Clans

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To understand Romulan clans and their role in contemporary Romulan society, one must first look into the past and examine their beginnings. At the true beginning of Romulan history, back before the sundering, there was a multitude of clans. The primary 'Romulan' clans, as they would later become, were those who were the largest contributors, in both currency and property, to the Far travel ship construction project. As their elitism would have it no other way, a major clan had control of their own ship-- in all spreading 19 major clans over 20 ships. The 20th ship was reserved for S`Task's own house, which, while not a primary clan itself, was of obvious political clout.

With only 6 fare ships left at the end of the long journey, the 'Rihannsu' as they declared themselves, were limited to only 5 major clans: the Khelliana, Gilgamma, Aanikh, Zorek, and Jorani. Likewise, there were only a few more minor clans-- some of which had formed on the ships during travel. As all clans dropped their Vulcan names upon landfall and created new ones, the sub houses don't always seem to make sense. In essence, some of the sub houses are named more closely to their Vulcan ancestry.

The Khelliana (Hunters)


Went south to found their own city away from the rest of the declared. They were the most 'woodsy' of the clans, and also the least centralized. It was entirely possible for the clan to get as caught up in internal fighting as external. They were also known for being the most blood-thirsty and brutal of all the clans. Greek-Roman traditions of dress and architecture. The heat of the Vulcan sun still burns in their blood.

Early sub-House factions:

  • Khellian
  • Khnialmnae
  • Khev
  • Khaell
  • Kazanak
  • Keirianh

Modern Family Lineages:

  • Kal
  • Kazon
  • Kazen
  • Kan
  • Kethry
  • Krakken
  • Khellian
  • Kandeen
  • Kierlanh
  • Kath
  • Krotash

The Gilgamma:


Were amongst the closest to modern Vulcans in the Romulan clans. While not exactly pacifistic, the Gilgamma sought to purify their fighting techniques for a better understanding of the body, soul, and mind. They were also known as being the largest collection of smaller houses. Unlike the Khelliana though, they maintained a strong sense of clan unity and rarely fought internally. They stayed near the capitol but moved in a scatter pattern to the west. (Greek-Roman attire) promoted 'no distractions' with clothes.

Early sub-House factions:

  • Illialhae
  • Iawaain
  • Hwaehrai
  • Hrienteh
  • Hheinha
  • Hwersuil
  • Liun
  • Llhweiir
  • Llweii
  • Leinarrh
  • Lhaihtrha

Modern Family Lineages:

  • Inimici
  • Ghire
  • Ghi'bhon
  • Loose
  • Lahzar
  • Liefvai
  • Lahzar
  • Laris
  • Lhoell
  • Ourin
  • Layoren

The AAnikh


Considered strange by Romulan standards. Not blood luster's, nor pacifists, the Aanikh were prone to random swings back and forth. They are the embodiment of whimsical passions. No one dress style, no one locality for clan scattering.

Early sub-House factions:

  • Ahaefvthe
  • Aimne
  • Annhwi
  • Arriufvi
  • Mandak
  • Merrok
  • Marus

Modern Family Lineages:

  • Merrus
  • Anaka
  • Ahalaen
  • Anira
  • Akanna
  • Verelan

The Zorek


Unlike most of the Major clans, the Zorek were political and social in power. They believed in the pomp and circumstance of militaristic life and held the other less property laudable clans to the same standards. They stayed close to landfall, and helped build i'Ramnau, then and forever the Romulan capitol. They also were first to shed their traditional Vulcan (Greek-Roman) garb in favor of a warmer, more fully covering style of dress (Central European--gothic era)

Early sub-House factions:

  • Vrenak
  • Volskiar
  • Viaen
  • Tomalak
  • Pardek

Modern Family Lineages:

  • Val-Bheas
  • Vrih
  • Danlek
  • Tormillius
  • Talnor
  • Parnus
  • Behleaf
  • Brook
  • Pranara
  • Paya
  • Xibanas
  • Relek
  • Rakeh

The Jorani:


Compared to the other major clans, the Jorani were relatively small in number. What they lacked in numbers they made up in currency and cunning. Like their perpetual social opponent, the Jorani were politically and socially based in power --more than militarily so. As they preferred the softer, gentler side of life, their style of dress shifted away from the light, formless and thin (Greek-Roman) styles of Vulcan. Not moving into the realm of leathers and heavier gear the 'barbaric' Zorek wore, they settled on silks and other finely produced goods (Asian styles). Stayed relatively near the capitol-- but scattered to the east.

Early sub-House factions:

  • Jeiai
  • Jarok
  • Jaihen

Modern Family Lineages:

  • Nairrehk
  • Nerik
  • Rhenn
  • Noramei
  • Elenhh

The Noble S'Task 'Clans':


While not literally a clan, S`Task had a large number of 'self-appointed' servants and a large number of students. Combined with his brother Tellus' army, they stood as strong or stronger than any other major power. Their dress was not dictated, but Greek-Roman in nature to 'keep away from softening their minds and 'to keep battle's need for function. They lived primarily in the capital city but were known to wander and spread their teachings all over.

Notable Families of S'Task:


  • Cretak
  • Neral
  • Neyl
  • Tei
  • R'Mor
  • Strevon
  • Taebok


  • Riuurren
  • Sahen
  • Seroht
  • Tal
  • Taris
  • Letant

Other Clans

The rest of the original clans fall in the category of 'minor' powers. While they held more numbers than the majority of contemporary clans today, they were less influential in the politics and goings-on (initially) of the Romulan people. Some even lived in the husks of the far travel ships after landfall. In time, some of these clans have become powerful and influential.

  • Nanclus
  • Dor
  • Ehhelih
  • Radaik
  • Raedheol
  • Rehu
  • Rllaillieu
  • Rul
  • Selok

Clan History

Shortly after S`Task's death, the Khelliana massacred huge portions of the Gilgamma. With the majority of the Clan main body decimated, all the sub-houses split up and wandered the world. While it did not destroy the structure of either clan, the Jorani fought a vicious war with the Zorek.

Miscellaneous Houses

  • Raala
  • Raghaellh
  • Onto
  • Rhagarokk
  • Bagarok
  • Ellkwii
  • Shainev
  • Ronga
  • Raith
  • Remi
  • Razerious
  • Riog