Penumbra (Plot)

From IRW Aylhr
Plot Details
Time Period: 242105.21 - Ongoing
Involved Ships: IRW Aylhr
Involved Planets: Eternity
Previous Plot: None
Succeeding Plot: Unknown

With the construction of new IRW Aylhr nearing completion, Galae'EnRiov Shiarrael t'Rehu visits the Jezerek shipyards and tours the new vessel. During her visit to Jezerek Shiarrael uncovers a conspiracy among some of the Galae's command staff to remove a candidate from consideration for commanding the Aylhr. That candidate? The son of the disgraced former Galae'EnRiov Ameh'ha t'Neyl. Seeing the situation as an attempt by the Zorek clan to exert influence in the Galae she decides to appoint Riov Rhae'go tr'Neyl to command the Aylhr over the objections.

Meanwhile, on the planet eternity in neutral zone, the powerful Zorek Senator D'Nal tr'Parneas is murdered while visiting the war grave of his sons. News of the incident is suppressed until more information about the incident can be gathered. Fearing a greater plot the commander of the fifth fleet, EnRiov Lyna t'Hnea, dispatches the newly minted IRW Aylhr and her crew to investigate the matter quietly.

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Memorable Quotes

SD241503.12 - SD241506.08 | New Captain, New Mission, New Intrigue

  • “Welcome aboard the USS Crazy Horse. I’m Lieutenant Nitka Zar the Assistant Chief Engineer and as you can see…we ran out of duct tape…”

(Nitka Zar – every engineer’s worst nightmare in one sentence)

  • “Spacedock is going to love this report. Everything on it starts with unknown, unavailable, malfunction, or due to the lack of power…”

(Alexander Canaris – well, at least it’s consistent)

  • “Aided Vulcan? I saved my honor, nothing more. I know very little of the new Federation President. Our meeting was brief and my only impression was that he was a Vulcan.”

(Shia – still the queen of understatement. Somewhere on that planet an eyebrow is climbing right now.)

  • “I anticipate it will be something of an adventure, Captain.”

(Zivit Agron – While we’re on the subject of understatement …)

  • “The Federation will hold a summit with the Star Empire.”

(President Sa’vak – in non-Vulcan Standard: Batten down the hatches, kids)

  • “You don’t listen very well do you?”

(Unknown would-be assassin to Alex Canaris – he’s working on it. Probably. Maybe.)

  • “I am not particularly excited about the prospect of fighting a feral hog…if they are anything like a Tellarite I am sure their personality will be less than pleasant.”

(Khiy Kanryth – well, they argue less)

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