Nniol tr'Rehu

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Nniol tr'Rehu
Rank: erie'Arrain
Position: Daise'Gonaiih
Race: Romulan/Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Violet
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 194 Lbs
Father: Aiden Bravado
Mother: Shiarrael t`Rehu
Siblings: Ael t`Rehu
Marital Status: Single


Nniol is brash an eccentric. Extremely confident, he is well known to have a bit of a rebel streak. He spent his childhood years aboard the USS Charon with his mother Shiarrael t`Rehu. He spent a lot of that time in the care of his godparents Sakarra Tyrax and Brent Warren.

It was his godmother's love of piloting that rubbed off on him. When he would visit Vulcan during his childhood he would spend a lot of time learning to pilot a variety of Vulcan land craft. When on Romulus he would spend a lot of time at the Rehu estate in Nn'verih driving around the grounds keeping flitters to the chagrine of the estate's servants.

Romulan War College

An incredible pilot but troublesome student is how many instructors would have described Nniol. His mother's position as Galae'EnRiov was probably the only reason he was never expelled from the war college. Though she never directly intervened on his behalf, she did have the commander of the war college, H'Daen tr'Tomalak, handle Nniol's despcipline as harshly as he felt was needed. It is storied that Nniol has polished the Imperial War College campus at least two times over with only a simple a hand brush. Whether or not that is true or not is not fully known, but what is known that after H'Daen's intervention Nniol started to lose his rebellious streak and become more professional (well, mostly).

Service aboard the IRW Shianev [Javelin]

After graduating from the War College with a focus on piloting along with focuses on atmospheric and deep space combat he found himself assigned to the IRW Shianev. His time aboard the Shianev was marked by frustration with the crew as Nniol was routinely insubordinate while the command feared retaliation for disciplining him due to his mother's position. After growing tired of the young pilots antics they had him promoted and shipped off to the IRW Aylhr.

Service Record

  • SD242302.22 - Appointed as Daise'Gonaiih of the IRW Aylhr.

This Character is played by Thomas.