NeoDyne Defense Corporation

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NeoDyne Defense Corporation
Name: NeoDyne Defense Corporation
Location: Rigel V
Officer: President Alistair Merikai (Chairman & CEO)
Products: Defense, Weaponry, & Medical Research

NeoDyne Defense Corporation


Founded by Julius Merikai, the NeoDyne Defense Corporation began as a modest security and defense contractor before the first Dominion War. As a result of the Federation war with the Dominion, NeoDyne quickly grew into a large scale supplier of defense and weapon technologies to the Federation and other major powers.

The company’s wartime profits allowed it to expand into aerospace, weapons, and biomedical research. After the first Dominion War, NeoDyne had grown into a significant defense contractor supplying advanced technology and equipment to those with enough credits to afford its technological expertise.

However, the company’s founder and chief executive, Julius Merikai, was indicted on charges of selling classified Starfleet weapons technology to the Breen after the conclusion of the Dominion War. This information was quietly gathered by Commander Zane Akina of Starfleet Intelligence who secretly infiltrated the company posing as an employee to determine any wrong doing on the part of the increasingly powerful and influential corporation.

A public trial was held on Earth and Merikai was found guilty of all charges unable to defend himself against the substantial evidence obtained by Starfleet Intelligence. During the sentencing phase of his trial Julius Merikai was killed when his transport collided with another ship in Earth orbit killing everyone aboard.

A New Leader

NeoDyne’s future appeared uncertain after the death of its founder and its loss of public credibility as a result of scandal and negative media coverage. With the corporation in tatters and investors quickly distancing themselves from the disgraced company, Julius Merikai’s son, Alistair Merikai inherited the reigns of a crumbling empire. Incensed by his father’s treatment in the media and his unshakable belief that his father had been setup by Starfleet Command who feared the company’s growing influence, Alistair Merikai set about rebuilding his father’s corporate empire.

The Second Dominion War

The onset of the Second Dominion War eventually breathed new life into NeoDyne coffers. With the Federation suffering significant setbacks and losses at the war’s beginning, Starfleet awarded contracts to anyone who could deliver the tools needed to build a war machine able to counter the Dominion threat once again. Jumping on every opportunity, Alistair Merikai quickly positioned his company and its vast resources of defense patents and knowledge to meet the Federation’s insatiable needs for defense and war materials. Overnight, NeoDyne was back in business churning out new weapons, new technologies, and new knowledge to oil the vast machine of war that the Federation was throwing against its enemies.

By the war’s conclusion, NeoDyne had regained its former status as a preeminent defense contractor under the bold leadership of Alistair Merikai. Employing thousands, NeoDyne had surpassed its former size and influence and had reopened research and development into various areas. While Starfleet orders tapered off after the war, other customers continued orders of NeoDyne technologies to replenish losses obtained in the war or to bolster defenses at home.

Post War Activities

Having regained its former status, overcoming prior scandal, and surpassing all expectations, NeoDyne had emerged as the top defense contractor in the Alpha Quadrant possessing unrivaled facilities in research and development which consistently delivered highly profitable innovations in everything from chemistry and medicine to weaponry and defense systems. The company’s profits soared and so did its ego. To signify its power, NeoDyne executives broke ground on a huge obsidian skyscraper on Rigel IV. The towering black spire, symbolizing the company’s wealth, influence, and power, dwarfed every building on the planet and is listed as one of the tallest structures in the quadrant.

Secret Projects

NeoDyne’s success enabled its leader, Alistair Merikai, the opportunity to seek revenge on those he felt responsible for his father’s death. Uncovering a secret project and detailed notes and plans created by his late father, Merikai learned of his father’s grand dream of a universe without war. The ambitions and dreams of his father seemed unrealistic, but soon Alistair embraced them as his own and reinstituted the plans with a passionate determination to seem them become reality.

Avoiding the missteps of his father, Alistair took great pains to ensure his efforts were carefully guarded. Neodyne quietly assembled a massive, well trained and armed security force. Its operatives made their way into positions of influence within the quadrant’s major powers. Under a veil of complete secrecy the company continues its work on a secret project with galactic implications and ruthlessly pursues anyone with knowledge of their covert activities.

The plans of Alistair Merikai hinge on the genetic information locked away in the blood of two twin brothers who carry an alien genome used to treat a birth defect by a brilliant geneticist Dr. Artimis Ballentine. Having captured one of the twins the company relentlessly pursues the other, Captain Taverain Ramius. Having been unsuccessful for years at capturing the cavalier and intelligent Captain, NeoDyne continues its unethical and arcane research hoping to reach its sinister goals.

One of the few aware of the Alistair Merikai’s dark ambitions and nefarious goals, Captain Taverain Ramius must wage a silent campaign against the corporate juggernaut. Assembling a small band of willing allies, Ramius strives to expose NeoDyne’s sinister plans before the powerful corporation can unleash a terrible force upon the galaxy and forever shatter the foundations of peace.