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Kormerek was a type of martial art used by the Romulan people.

It was noted as being an ancient as well as a particularly vicious form of martial art on Romulus with the technique. The origin of this martial art was the subject of debate with some believing it dated back to an ancient form of Vulcan fighting style used in battlefield combat which was preserved by one the religious orders and was incorporated into the early proto-Romulan culture. However, some believed it was developed by the Romulans themselves once they reached Romulus and was created specifically to help them fight against the Zelvorians. As such, its truly not known where this battlefield discipline originated from - whether it came from the planet Vulcan or truly an original creation.

Kormerek emphasized on the use of swift and brutal forms of attack against an enemy with a particular focus on nerve strikes with the use of bone or joint breaking moves. It was generally believed that where two Kormerek practitioners met, one of them would come out of the battle bloody. In fact, it was not uncommon to be a Kormerek practitioners to be covered in their own blood from their battles and it was quite possible that that one of them would be killed in a fight. Under its fighting conventions, blocking actions were permitted but its practitioners often considered such moves to be cowardly and did not engage in such practices.

Across Romulan history, its practitioners were often looked down upon by respectable Romulans. Due to its focus on viciousness as well as its focus on doing heavy damage to an opponent, many saw it as being a martial art for ruthless thugs and violent criminals.