Kazon Sector

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Kazon Sector Map.

The Rhi'Galae was formed after the Romulan Federation war of 2398 when Ael t'Kazon attacked and captured the Tomika system and Starbase 220 (Now Koahht Hama) from the Federation. The Kazon sector is a strategically important sector bordering both the Federation and Klingon Empire.

In the Romulan Federation war of 2401 using Tomika as a staging point, the Rhi'Galae invaded Federation space capturing Drakken III and attacking the strategically important Yadalla system. However, with the death of Khre'Riov tr'Tomalak, the Romulan forces were forced into a withdrawal.


  • The Rhi'Galae is comprised of over 2000 modernized Romulan ships, it also is separated into several wings. The IRW Aylhr is part of the Hwi'Ael or the first wing (also referred to as the First Defense Wing).
  • The Rhi'Galae is current under the command of Khre'Riov Raha t'Hwaehrai

Kazon Sector Planets & Facilities

Rhi'Galae Tactical Map.

In 2398 Ael t'Kazon launched a massive assault on Starfleet and Klingon positions in this region of space. The Romulan Star Empire was successful in capturing several systems and resisting Federation counter assaults to maintain control of the strategically important Tomika system and Starbase 220, now Kaohht Hama. During the 2401 war against the Federation, the Rhi'Galae used Kaohht Hama as a major staging point for an offensive against the major Federation system of "Yadalla" though unsuccessful they were able to capture Drakken III before the end of the war.

The Rhi'Galae operates in a region often referred to as the "Fortress" alluding to the many defensive positions located in the Kazon sector. The Rhi'Galae is considered the main strategic position in the event of a war between the Federation or the Klingon empire. Key systems for all three governments are located in this tense region of space.

The headquarters of the Rhi'Galae is situated in Tomika where Kaohht (Station) Hama is located.


Green Industrial/Agricultural world of long Rihannsu standing. Known for producing the most decadently plush flitters (anti-grav cars).

Drakken III

Captured Federation World in 2398, noted for having a large penal colony. In 2407 it was infiltrated by a Federation team sent to rescue POWs held illegally after the war of 2401. All information regarding the incident has seemingly disappeared, however.


Small agricultural world of only light Rihannsu populace. Known for a farming school, rice-like crops, nice climate, and a small Gai'Shian war college. ch'Danutha once was shelled by a rogue Starfleet vessel but has since recovered.


Rainy, cold planet of the moderate build. Rear line shipyards are located in the Justaris system as well as 2 larger naval academies. Justaris has a population slightly larger than Agurtha and is often noted as a large supplier of the Rhi'Galae's supplies and reserve personnel. The fourth strike wing is also stationed on Justaris.


ch'Delnar (located in the Tomika system) is a capture Federation World in 2398, it is the largest population center in the sector. ch'Delnar is home to the captured Federation Starbase 220, having been converted to Kaohht Hama it is the headquarters of the Rhi'Galae and Hwi'Ael (First Defense Wing) containing about 450 ships. Tomika and ch'Delnar have passed hands between the Federation and RSE on several occasions but has been under Romulan control since 2398. ch'Delnar is known for its heavy mining and industry. Also, it has a massive flitter racing circuit that courses through the planet's deserts. The planet is also home to several large military academies and the Rhi'Galae's Gai'Shian army (about 4,850,000 troops).