Jolias Enor

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Jolias Enor
Rank: Admiral
Position: Alpha Fleet Commander
Race: Joined Trill
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 162 Lbs
Father: Endo Korialis
Mother: Kalia Korialis
Siblings: Norvo Korialis & Sanas Reinartz
Marital Status: Married to Samantha Myers-Korialis


Jolias is the sixth host of the Enor symbiont, and the third male host. He was chosen for the Enor symbiont after its 5th host died mysteriously. He was originally a geneticist for the trill government until inspired by other Trill to join Starfleet which he later did at the age of 20.

Excelling in the Academy landed him superb field assignments, one of which was an archaeological excavation where he found an ancient artifact that did not belong to the culture of that time. After preliminary analysis it was discovered that the artifact was millions of years old and that the atomic configuration was not from that planet. To this day, the origin of that artifact is still unknown.

After graduating from the academy with honors he became the assistant science officer on the USS Mammoth, he served three years in the assistant position and was able to reach the rank of Lieutenant Junior grade, a few months later the Chief Science officer was killed during a Geological survey of a uncharted planet, Enor was soon promoted to the chief position. He served as the chief science officer on board the Mammoth for two more years reaching the rank of Full Lieutenant in his service.

Lieutenant Commander Jolias Enor

During an away assignment for an archaeological excavation Enor discovered an ancient artifact in an old unstable tomb, when he had fully scanned it to confirm that it was indeed authentic he tried to prepare it for a move when the dig site where he was located became structurally unsound the ceiling was going to cave in on him. He considered leaving the artifact to be crushed or try to save it… knowing that failure would mean death. While several others scattered out of the underground chamber Enor remained and worked quickly to retrieve the artifact. He was successful and got out two milliseconds before the whole section collapsed. He received a commendation from Starfleet.

After the incident Enor was assigned to a lighter assignment onboard the USS Phoebe a medical ship assisted them in different medical experiments due to his knowledge in the field of Genetics. Onboard the Phoebe he met a young doctor by the name of Raine Hiltz. Enor and Raine formed a relationship and married but a deep rift formed between them later on. They would separate and then divorce. Later on in his career he would discover that his former wife had been killed in a shuttle accident and the news bothered him greatly.

After serving two years on the Phoebe he decided it would be best if he found a position elsewhere and by this time he had already made the rank of Lieutenant Commander. When he received an offer from omicron sub-fleet to head their fleet science it was an offer he could not resist.

While serving as Omicron Fleet Science adviser he became tired of his desk job. Wanting a job on the field again he took the first chance he got and joined the USS Warrior as their Chief Science Officer.

When he arrived on the Warrior his skills and abilities quickly lead to him becoming Commanding Officer within a year. For several years Enor Commanded the USS Warrior with distinction. After the birth of his son he would leave the Warrior and pursue a less demanding field in archeology leading a six year expedition on Xenex.

After the six year expedition Enor left Xenex in route to Earth onboard his Saber class ship, the USS Shakaar NCC 24570, when he received a message from the Beta Fleet Commander. Commodore Nathan Acheson would inform the then Commodore Enor that he had been reassigned to deal with the conflict torn settlement of Astate Colony. Reluctantly Enor agreed and the Shakaar changed course for Astate Colony within the Neutral Zone. Upon his arrival Enor would be promoted to Rear Admiral.

Personally Jolias is the father of two children, his daughter from a previous marriage Nitka Korialis (Age 18), and his son Thomas Korialis (Age 12) with his wife Samantha Myers. When not on duty Jole enjoys spending tremendous time with his kids, it is one of the reasons he decided to lead the archeology unit of Starfleet Science after his service on Warrior ended.

The Admiral Resides with his family in the Korialis Estate on the Naiaid Mountains overlooking a small valley village.

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Service Record

Promotion History

  • SD240201.19 - Promoted to Ensign as Chief Science Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240205.04 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade as Chief Science Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240209.14 - Promoted to Full Lieutenant as Chief Science Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240212.28 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander as Chief Science Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240311.01 - Promoted to Full Commander as Executive Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240407.30 - Promoted to Captain as Commanding Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240509.17 - Promoted to Commodore as Commanding Officer [USS Warrior]
  • SD240709.23 - Promoted to Rear Admiral as CO [Astate Colony] (OOC Rank Transfer)
  • SD240807.22 - Promoted to Vice Admiral as CO [Astate Colony]
  • SD240808.18 - Appointed Commander of Starfleet Operations in the Typhon Sector.
  • SD240912.14 - Promoted to Full Admiral and appointed Commander of Alpha Fleet.

Awards Recieved

  • Manheim Award x2 (240205.04, 240209.14)
  • Fleet Service Medal x1 (240212.21)
  • Fleet Commendation x1 (240209.14)
  • Knight Award x2 (240209.07, 240305.24)
  • Fleet Achievement Medal x1 (240305.31)
  • Meritorious Service Medal x1 ( 240209.14)
  • Star Cross for Merit x1 (240301.04)
  • Bronze Medal for Service x1 (240301.04)
  • Fleet Service Medal with Bronze Cluster x1 (SD240311.01)
  • Purple Heart Medal x1 (SD240311.01)
  • Silver Medal for Service x1 (SD240312.20)
  • Orion Award x1 (SD240505.30)

Mission History

  • On Stardate 240407.10 Commander Jolias Enor and the USS Warrior were ordered to arbitrate and prevent a conflict between the Essini and Luarta planetary governments. The negotiations were to take place on the neutral moon of Itaris Seco but as soon as Warrior arrived things were chaotic. The fleets of the Essini began engaging the Luarta fleet in orbit before the negotiations and Enor was forced to try and calm the situation. Using more forceful means Enor was able to calm the situation in orbit and that allowed for the negotiations to begin. However it would not be so easy, when Enor arrived and started to arbitrate the conference center is destroyed by an explosion. Enor luckily manages to survive after being rescued by crew. Later after an investigation it is discovered that the third party supposedly neutral Bakari government was responsible for inciting the conflict. It seems they were hoping to profit from another war between the Essini and Luarta. With that fact revealed the Luarta and Essini formed and alliance tossing away their history of war for permanent peace.
  • Leading a task force of 24 ships on Stardate 240408.11 Captain Enor and the Warrior set out engage and stop Cardassian dissidents led by Gul Adrak. The dissidents were seeking ancient alien weapons technology and had, according to Intel, discovered something believe to be a powerful weapon. Arriving to the system the task force immediately entered battle with the dissident cardassians. The USS Warrior would be severely damaged when it forces itself through an enemy mine field. While the Warrior is not directly responsible for the destruction of the alien ‘device’ (as it would later be call since it was discovered not to be a weapon at all) the task force would be successful. During this battle Enor would sustain an injury to his abdomen as a piece of shrapnel would lodge itself in him. Luckily he would escape serious injury as it did not harm his symbiont pouch. Perhaps the greatest mystery of this is what happened to Gul Adrak, the alien device created a wormhole when activated but as it was exploding a gravity well pulled Gul Adrak’s ship in, he and his ship haven’t been seen since. Even though his injury was not too serious it would force Enor to is bed ridden for a few weeks. During his recuperation the Warrior was commanded by Captain Abriel Atosuryua, a hero from the first dominion war. Enor honestly didn’t mind this and took the time to rest.
  • On Stardate 240411.07 the USS Warrior under the command of Captain Enor was involved in a tremendous undertaking. They were to escort a supply convey through and area of space ridden with subspace anomalies. Luckily they were able to get the convoy through to the starbase. It was during this undertaking that Starfleet Intelligence and the USS Warrior became more or less adversaries for awhile. In this area of space surrounded by subspace anomalies it would eventually be discovered that an advanced alien species had actually superimposed this system from their galaxy to this to protect it during a major war. Over time it was forgotten but with the Warrior and all the events occurring they returned, bringing the systems back to their original galaxy. The Warrior and all Starfleet forces would escape before they completed the process.
  • During a mission on Stardate 240502.26 the USS Warrior was kidnapped (yes the entire ship) by an advanced alien species a few minutes after exiting the Bajoran wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant. The aliens used some advanced illusion technology to make the crew believe the Warrior had crashed into a planet; however that was not the case. They analyzed the crew until their plot was discovered and the Warrior was eventually released.
  • During a patrol on Stardate 240505.02 the USS Warrior discovered a cargo transport that had been attacked. To their shock and dismay the ship was actually carrying ‘children’ as their cargo to be laborers. Many of the children had died only a few actually survived. Those who did were taken to Warrior’s sickbay where they were treated. Finding the destination of the transport the Warrior made their way to a Federation colony to investigate further. Upon arrival after and investigation it was found that governor was working with one of the wealthy colonist and the Orion syndicate to bring in forced labor. The Warrior arrested the Governor and took the children back to Zeta fleet where they were entrusted to Zeta Command to handle.
  • On Stardate 240506.04 the USS Warrior was ordered to deliver Ambassador Riva Swamback to the Alteon home world for a peace treaty signing ceremony. The Ambassador was quite rude and demanding to Captain Enor, she considered him and the rest of the Warrior crew a threat to the peace process. Since the Warrior was hosting the ceremony Enor invited Aria Falcon to head the security contingent. In Irony a member of the Alteon government would attempt to assassinate the Ambassador and the First Minister of Alteon. The situation became dire when they blamed Starfleet for the disaster and warships left the planet to attack. However when the culprit was revealed everything settled and Enor took over the process in place of the Ambassador to her later dismay.

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