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This handsome, dusky olive-skinned race is a passionate race. They are fierce in war, love, and play. In this respect, they have changed little from their heritage of Ancient Vulcan. They enjoy good food and trustworthy companions. Their love of life is seen in the stunning vitality, clarity, and ferocity of their art. Their devotion to duty and their loyalty to the Empire exceeds even that of the most fanatical Klingon. Rihannsu starships are all equipped with powerful fusion explosive devices for use in the destruction of the craft. Rather than be taken prisoner, most Rihannsu would rather die with their ship.

Cautious at best, xenophobic at worst, the Rihannsu people have a right to paranoia born of their violent history. The experience with the Orion pirates on ancient Vulcan burned a lesson into their minds forever: never trust an alien. In the mind of a Rihannsu, only another Rihannsu person is worthy of respect and civility.

Romulan Culture & Society

There is an old Rihannsu proverb that sums up the culture rather well: "Certain it is and sure: love burns, ale burns, fire burns, and politics burns. But cold was life without them." Here is an in-depth look at Rihannsu (Romulan) Role Playing in our organization.

Romulan Government

The Rihannsu (Romulan) government is a tightly-run tricameral (three house) system of checks and balances designed to prevent anyone group or individual from monopolizing power for too long a period. Owing its existence to the harsh rule and eventual overthrow of Vriha T'Rehu, the Ruling Queen, the Rihannsu system has worked rather well considering the turbulent history of the Rihannsu people.

Romulan Military

The Romulan military is the backbone, and in many instances, the entire foundation of the Romulan Star Empire. To be Romulan is to fulfill one's duty, and to fulfill one's duty one must serve. Every member of the Romulan Empire must serve in the military, this mandatory 10-year service is called the Serona. Those who do not serve in the military are considered shameful and have no active role in Romulan society.

Serving in the military is the largest path to success and the easiest method to bring honor to one's house and clan. The Romulan military consists of three branches, The Galae, the Tal'Shiar, and the Rei'Krannsu. The Gai'Shian is actually a sub-branch of the Galae but also consists of planetary militia and local police forces. Read all about them below!

Romulan Language