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USS Charon Crew
Eithne Falcon
Rank: Commander
Position: Executive Officer
Race: Betazoid
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Right: Bright Green/Left: Red
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140lbs
Father: Lavid Katris
Mother: Ambassador Stamazi Catriona (Assassinated)
Siblings: Damian Katris (Missing)
Marital Status: Widowed


  • 240511.12:: Married Jade Falcon in a 'large' ceremony on Risa. Many former crew members attended. The bride was given away by Commodor Enor.
  • 240512.05:: Upon return from a time away. Eithne broke the devistating news to Jade that their son, Tyson, had passed away.The details about his death are not known to Eithne, nor Jade. It is only known that he was very 'ill'.
  • 240601.14:: Permoted to full Commander.
  • 2406XX.XX:: Received news that her Baby Girl, Seraphim, Passed away from her injuries on a Starbase. Jade heard of her suspisions and went into the criminal underworld in search of their daughter.
  • 240709.xx:: After receiving news on the Warrior, she kept secret. She left the Warrior and its command to take a leave of absence.
  • 240712.06:: While wandering around the Starbase, she ran into Sonak and started conversation which led to her return to the Warrior. Not as crew, but more as guest.
  • 240712.10:: Retook her Maiden name. After over two years of marriage it is weird hearing it.
  • 240803.XX:: Left the Warrior and headed to the Astate Colony, it was time for her to leave her memories behind and start a new life. Though her feelings for Sonak were true, she felt it was not meant to be.

Eithne is a very withdrawn person, not one to open up to too many people. She has been known to get very agressive when pissed off. Including taking out a cardassian when he set her over the edge. Her telepathic and empathic abilities are well developed. Her recent developement of new abilities is caused by the fusing of her DNA and the Unknown DNA in the blood of Draco, these are all uncontrolable, and can arrise at any moment. But, when they do, it causes extream mental strain, which could eventually lead to unconsciousness.

Medical History

Many injuries during away missions. DOB: SD238101.04 Blood type: B+ Allergies: Deathly allergic to apples, strawberries and seafood.

  • 240406.25:: Injests a parasite which attaches itself to her central nervious system, taking control of her actions. When it starts to die, it almost takes her with it.
  • 240407.10:: Receives significant burns on her hands and arms from protecting herself and the Captain in a raging fire.
  • 240507.??:: Receives a blood transfusion from Draco to save her life. The unknown DNA fusing with her own, causing some unknown reactions in Eithne.
  • 240606.10 Eithne gave birth to a baby girl, named Seraphim Ixxya Falcon.
  • 240802.XX:: Suffered a brain hemorrhage which nearly killed her. The cause was the suppressing of her telepathic abilities.

Tattoos: A celtic cross on her left shoulder, the words " The Vicious" writen in the rim, signifying her connection with the raider ship. A barbed wire arm band around her right upper arm. A black symbol, created by herself, to signify " Strength, Courage, Protection, and Honor..." on her lower back.

Service Record

  • 240306.17:: Assigned to her first position on the USS-Warrior as Assistant Security.
  • 240501.01:: Permoted to Full Leutenant, and also to Chief Security.
  • 240507.17:: Permoted to Leutenant Commander.
  • 240601.14:: Permoted to Full Commander.
  • 240601.28:: Given position as Second officer on the USS-Warrior.
  • 240605.06:: Promotted to Acting Executive officer on the warrior.
  • 240706.XX:: With the arrest of Captain. Paris. Steps up into the Commanding Officer's position as Acting.
  • 240709.XX:: Stepped down as Warrior's Commanding officer after the personal and painful duty of declaring her husband, Jade, killed in action.
  • 240712.06:: Revisited the Warrior, but only for a bit.
  • 240803.XX:: Left the Warrior as it was to painful and found herself on the Astate Colony.

Eithne Katris' UCIP Database File

Eithne Falcon as played by Cat