Common Rihannsu Phrases

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Here are some common Rihannsu Words / Phrases. Originally compiled by Kat. Edited by Thomas.

Rihannsu Alphabet.


Alien(s) in general -- ssouh, ssouhia
Bajoran(s) -- Bah'jorann, Bah'jorann-a
Betazoid(s) -- Bhet'sad, Bhet'sad-a
Cardassian(s) -- Card'hassin, Card'hassin-a
Caitan(s) -- Kah'tan, Kah'tan-a
Captured Fed, Feddie -- lloann'na-hwy, lloann'su'hwy
Denebian -- Denebhan
Derogatory word for "Human" -- Hevam
Derogitory word for "Klingon" -- Klivam
Derogatory word for "Vulcan" -- Yyaio (lit trans. as "dead one")
Fed, Feddie (lit. "one of them") -- lloann'na, lloann'su
Federation Fleet -- lloannen'galae
Federation Neutral Zone, The -- stelai ler'lloann
Ferengi(s) -- Feh'rengi, Feh'rengiin
Klingons (lit. "more of them, from somewhere else") the entire species -- Khell'oann-mhehorael
Klingon(s) -- Kll'inghann, Kll'inghannsu
Klingon Neutral Zone, The -- stelai ler'khelloann
Organian -- Org'hanian
Regulan -- Regul'han, Regul'han-a
Regulus -- Regul'hus
Romulan/Romulans -- Rihan (singular), Rihannsu (plural), Rihannha (the culture/society)
Romulan Republic, The -- Rheilhhu ch'Rihannsu
Romulan Star Empire, The -- Rihannsu Stelam Shiar (formal, archaic, poetic), Shiar ih'Saeihr Rihan (modern, informal, common)
Trill(s) -- trh'ill, trh'ill-a
UFP (lit. "them, from there") -- lloann'mhramel
Vulcan (a person) -- thaessu, thaessu-a
Vulcan (the planet) --thhaei

Astrological Terms

Asteroid -- ihrh
Comet -- takar
Galactic Rim -- daeman
Galaxy -- cehlaer
Fire, Starfire, Plasma -- ourai
Meteor -- yhaes
Nebula -- aihelhj
Nova -- aemhig
Outer Space -- aeleir
Planet -- euhre
Star -- stelam
Star System -- ouahh
Sun -- eihss
Quadrant -- nfaiistur


Belt -- daefv
Boot (civillian/casual) -- llaess
Boot (military) -- ariuh
Boot-Spike -- haiyrh
Breeches -- dukid
Cape -- oasllra
Clothing -- tyyhh
Coat, Jacket -- neijh
Equipment, gear -- putaere
Glove -- maens
Necklace -- boaes
Pajamas -- egaesih
Pants, trousers (casual)--fvalo
Pants (formal) -- yhutaen
Rank pin or pip -- bota
Ring (for finger) -- uhhael
Robe -- audaen
Sash -- ssejfe
Shirt -- ussibh
Shoe -- haeul
Sock -- hhuye
Tunic, sleeved and pullover -- maghi
Tunic, sleeved and side-fastening -- ughi
Tunic, sleeveless and front-fastening -- jhoill
Undershirt -- ussibhia
Undress -- thaaes
Uniform -- aaiydh


blue -- lhaiy
black -- akhiy
brass -- dahei
brass colored -- dahei'ey
bright yellow -- isneih
brown (yellowish) -- nneihe
Color, hue -- eij
copper -- mneahj
coppery, copper-colored -- mneahj'ey
gold -- iseehj
golden (gold-color) isaehj'ey
green (blood color) -- ehrhe
indigo -- khein
orange -- khoey
purple -- shaeni
red -- mneani
red-violet -- shibae
reddish-brown -- mneihy
reddish-orange -- taemon
silver -- lholnu
silvery, silver-colored -- lhohnu'ey
sky-blue -- steki
steel-color -- fveik'ey
white -- iesiy
yellowish-green -- saiy


Aehallh -- monster-ghost, a nightmare. A creature used to frighten children into behaving themselves.
Dalwhin -- a small bird
Deletham -- a creature common to ch'Havran, best known for its extreme territoriality. Adults of the species are about the size of a Terran chicken, and will fight to the death to defend the few meters of territory around their nest, driving away even full-grown Romulans.
Dhael -- a bird (in general)
Dhival -- a nocturnal preditory bird the size of a Terran Hawk. They can often be seen on the rising wind of a coming storm. They are territorial, and fight among themselves.
Drabhik -- An animal, known for it's stupidity
Eibhul -- Tribble
Fvai(in) -- a child's riding beast, and house pet(s). Somewhat resembles a massive great dane.
Hataki -- similar to crickets
Hatham -- a flying preditor native to both ch'Rihan and ch'Havran. It is best known for it's courage, and is about twice the size of a full-grown Terran condor. It has iridescent red, gold and brown plumage. Few unarmed Rihannsu would be a match for an angry or hungry Hatham. The name translates roughly to "bird of prey".
Hlai'hwy -- domesticated bird, much like an ostrich
Hlai'vna -- the wild variety of the ostrich-like, flightless and edible bird.
Hnoiyika -- a weasle-like vicious preditor
Jhimn -- serpent
Kaa`hhz - Four-legged, long-tailed, pointed-eared preditors that over-run the jungle-planet ch`Shrrh. On their hind feet, they would stand at least as tall as a full-grown Rihan. They have been given the mysterious attribute to being able to appear and disappear at will, which in reality, is due to the speed at which they move. Their slightly protrudeing jaw and over-sized teeth give them the appearance of seeming to grin maliciously at their prey. Kaa`hhz are very territorial, and highly agressive creatures, who are able to outrun and bring down a full-grown Rihannsu.
Kllhe -- a worm found in the pens of domesticated hlai pens
Llurh -- a small furry creature that resembles an earth cat. The Llurh's have longer ears like a rabbit, and will give off a soft, quiet mewing sound when petted.
Mogai -- A carnivorous, Rihan-sized bird. Native to ch'Rihan. Also the Rihannsu Symbol.
Nei'rrh -- a small, hummingbird-like creature that is venomous.
Nhaidh -- similar to a cockroach.
P`Tng -- somewhat sentinent, and cunning, creatures native to ch`Revellion
Quilyr -- a hairy, vicious animal with a poisionous spiked tail and sharp tusks.
Sindaram -- insects in general
Sseikea -- a hyena-like animal
Rharit -- an animal like a cross between a rat and a rabbit.
Teelis -- native to ch'Havran, this bird is noted for its eerie, high-pitched warble. Best translated as "songbird".
Thrai(in) -- a Wolf-like animal
Thural -- a small rodent-like aquatic mammal, sometimes kept as pets
Verelan Vastarum -- a migratory bird resembling an elongated Terran swan, and is very fast for it's massive size. The name best translates as "graceful flyer"

Cultural Aspects

Air, the Element -- Jaeih
Archelement, the -- Qiuu'n
D'elo -- a game of sticks and stones traced back to ancient Vulcan
D'Sora -- a coming of age ceremony that all children must pass at five years of age.
Earth, the Element -- Avilh
Eitreih'Avilh -- Festival of Earth
Eitreih'Aylhr -- Festival of Space
Eitreih'hveinn -- the Farmer's Festival
Eitreih'Ihhvein -- Festival of Water
Eitreih'Jaeih -- Festival of Air
Eitreih'Okhala -- Festival of Fire
Eitreih'orheika -- Festival of the Ancestors
Eitreih'Qiuu'n -- Festival of the Archelement
Eitreih'vauthil ch'Rheihhu-a -- Festival of the Republic's Victory (this used to celebrate the birth of the current ruler.)
Element(s), The (in general) -- Kholairlh, Kholairlh-a
Elementa, those with elementa powers - Kholar, Kholar-a
Fate -- Cradol
Fire, the Element -- Okhala
Greiirh - The mythical Great Bird of the Galaxy.
Honor -- Mnhei'sahe (lit trans. "Ruling Passion". The driving force behind the life of a Rihannha)
Khariat -- a game, much like Earth's own 'Jenga'
Lhi -- a game of wits and riddles
Martial arts, in general (lit. "Laughing Murder") -- llaekh'ae'rl
Phi'lasasam -- The Rihannsu Military Academy. The word literally translates to "The Education", and encompases all educational processes, not just military training.
Poetry -- akhssar
Rehei -- the fourth name of a Romulan. This is seldom spoken, and never given freely except to lifemates, or other close friend or relative. This is considered the "True Name", or "Soul's name" of the Romulan.
Republic -- Rheilhhu
rrh'thanai -- Hostage-fostering
Shiar -- Empire (specifically the Rihannsu Empire)
Space, the Element -- Aylhr
Trayatik -- a dice throwing game, much like craps
Water, the Element -- Ihhvein


Blade(s) - Aleh, aleh-a
Dagger -- kalen
Disruptor (personal) -- ie'yakk
Communicator (personal) -- han'etrehh
Gear -- putaere
Multicorder (tricorder) -- ssaith
Sword (like a katana) -- kaleh
Sword (like a broadsword) -- sienov
Sword (like a cutlass or scimitar) -- vrelnec



aylihl -- Romulan Ale, bright blue in color, this is the most well known drink outside of Rihannsu space.
d'tork -- a green carbonated beverage favored by children
heimnhu -- a wine
hholaer -- coffee. Has three times the stimulant of espresso
lyo -- tea. Has many different varieties. Some of the most popular varieties are: yhi'lyo (a calming tea, often used to aid in sleeplessness), wy'lyo and tev'lyo (similar to hholaer, but with considerably less stimulant)
Kal`iFhou -- similar bright blue in color as Romulan Ale, but a more expensive brand that's a hint more intoxicating, and with a more palitable flavor then Aylihl
rhennish -- a purplish dry wine, more intoxicating then ale
rylhrhh -- a sweet wine, pale pink in color, less intoxicating than ale
yeho -- a citrus or fruit juice. (The name of the specific fruit that the drink derives from would be placed in front of this. Ex: ihor'yeho (a berry juice) )

Fruits and Vegetables

ainyeh -- a blue-leafed, lettuce-like plant. Has a distinctly bitter taste
alhel - a jelly, or perserves
aypihl -- a dark-green, many leafed plant that bears sharp, flesh piercing spines on the pointed top of each leaf. The bottom of each leaf is edible, and many Rihannsu prefer to dip it in various sauces, and then scrape away the tender flesh of the leaf with their teeth. The center of this plant is tender, and most consider it to be a delicacy. This plant is immediately recognizable to a Terran, as it looks exactly like earth's own artichoke.
ihor -- a lavender-colored berry. Tastes like a combination of a cranberry and a blackberry.
lhiet -- a fruit in general
ryllh -- resembles an avocado in texture, but a mango in taste and color. May be eaten raw, or mashed and cooked into a sauce.
ssailli -- a vegetable in general
tehirla -- a bright green fungus, much resembling earth's own black mushrooms. Tehirla has a bland, nondescript flavor
telhlke -- looks and tastes exactly like earth's jalapinos, and range from bland to extremely hot.
tolekrya -- a black, root-like vegetable, and slightly sweet. May be cooked in any way imaginable. The raw tolekrya, however, will cause an extreme case of llhrei'sian (really painful diarrehia).

Meats, Fish and Such

dubyhl -- similar to a cheese, and fuchsia in color. Made from the stomach of the Quilyr
ihul -- similar to a potroast
kheia -- similar to caviar...very expensive
lyhori -- a muscle similar to oysters, but white in color. Found in abundance in the Apex Sea.
vyinn a'Rhynne -- a fish, white in color when cooked, pale grey when raw. Native to the river Rhynne on ch'Rihan.
in'hhui -- a fish in general
aab -- eggs in general

Specific Dishes

feiiha -- a stuffed, flaky-crust pastry that is filled with lyhori, dubyhl and tehlke.
ghleten (gletten) -- a thin, greasy soup, much like gruel
lydiar -- A salad. usually consists of a mixture of ainyeh, ryllh, and tehrila.
osilh -- a stew; served with flat bread

Other Foods

irriuf -- like mousse, served ice cold, and sliced.
nnhk -- a pastry. Often served either at firstmeal, or as a derssert after lastmeal.
oykrh -- a flat bread, much like a pita
sesketh -- a dessert made of a sugary confection twisted on a spice stick.
soah -- chocolate has found it's way into the Republic, and has made it's home here.

He | She | It | Etc

A -- u-
And -- u'
Be -- ihir
-er (suffix) -- 'hr
He -- dii
Her -- riam
Hers -- riamvha
His -- diivha
Him -- diam
Home -- Hfihrl
House-- Hfirh
I -- Reh
If -- ve
I'm -- arhem
'-ing' (a suffix) -- '-asi'
Into -- hrao
It -- aei
Its -- aeim
Ma'm -- Lhhei
Me -- arhva
Mine -- emahe
My -- arham (normal), thlhom (formal)
No, Not -- Na
Of -- ch' (a prefix)
Our -- mnei
Please --hanadra
's (poss, plur, suffix) -- -a
She -- susse
Sir -- Rekkhai
Thank you -- Hann'yyo (also seen as Hann'yyu)
That -- aeu
The -- i
Them -- diivher
Their -- diien
This -- ahri
This is -- ahr' (used as a prefix -- "this is tr'Vhjik's boot" -- "ahr'tr'Vhjik-a ariuh")
"This one" (formal "I" or "Me") -- rhhae
They -- diin
They're --diin`rh
To -- ni
Us -- mnevher
We -- mnean
Yes -- Ie
You -- Au
Your (plural) -- ninte
You're -- Au'rh


Head of House--hru'hfirh
Heir of House--eri'hfirh
Oldest Brother--ira'dianvm
Oldest Sister--ia'rinam
Adopted Cousin--v'rian
Adopted Sister--v'rinam
Adopted Brother--v'dianvm
Adopted Father--v-Di'ranov
Adopted Mother--v-Ri'nanov
Adopted Grandfather--v-hru'diranov
Adopted Grandmother--v-hru'nanov
Granddaughter-- hr`paenhe

Measures of Time

Afternoon -- aihkhmiite
Awhn -- a month within the Rihannsu calendar year << haven't found others yet. :) >>
Calendar -- hveinn
Dawn -- anarhai
Day (25.25 hours) -- eisae
Day after tomorrow, the -- kheisifu
Day before yesterday, the -- kheisran
Hour (50.50 minutes) -- dierha
Midday -- miite'aesnl
Midnight -- miite'temar
Minute(s) (50.5 sec) -- siure(n)
Month -- khaidoa
Morning -- brhon
Night -- temarr
Second (.55 Terran seconds) -- ihnerha
Tenday, a week -- dhaei
Time -- seijea
Today -- eisll
Tomorrow -- eisifv
Twillight -- draomn
Year (380 eisae) -- Fvheisn
Yesterday -- eisran

Medical Terms

Ache -- rheis
Analysis -- temnei
Antidote (against artificial poisons) -- ssifefva
Antidote (against natural poisons) -- ssifegho
Arm -- haenhe
A** (derog. for rear-end) -- ahz
Baby -- haedl
Back of Body -- hveid
Back of Hand -- lhlli
Bandage -- oaht
Belly -- nhaeh
Blood -- rhienn
Body -- dhhaol
Bone -- mnih
Boy -- bhudt
Brain -- vahl'kev
Cheek -- faemn
Chin -- tyrh
Choke -- umnei
Corpse -- iymn
Crazy, mad, insane -- nohtho
Cure -- anaerai
Dandruff -- lnarai
Dead -- yy'a
Death -- llaihr
Diarrhea, "the runs" -- llhrei'sian
Disease -- emaifha
Doctor -- Maenek
Extremity, a hand, foot, paw -- raivus
Eye -- hrenna
Fatal -- vaenair
Fever -- thao
Finger -- kuaon
Foot -- dhaeg
Forehead -- durrhan
Gargle -- debaere
Girl -- daeftan
Hair -- darhhan
Hand -- nai
Hangover -- pretaium; Hungover -- pretaiumnh
Head -- nomaes
Heal -- hiafvar
Health -- hifvarh; well-being -- notht
Healthy -- taeller
Heart -- kahlan'soh
Humanoid -- amhait
Hurt, abused -- gustai
Hurt, pain -- aith
Hypnotize -- thermae
Infect -- daengi
Infection -- daiplao
Injured -- hiakhan
Injury -- hiakhifu
Ill, Sick -- llaetus
Illness, Sickness, Disease -- hiakh'mne
Indigestion -- honhos
Infirmary -- taeron
Kidney -- gahn'soh
Knee -- vaelg
Leg -- ehoma
Lifesign -- draeorh
Life support System -- draedet
Lip -- duhhus
Liver -- tahri'soh
Lymph organ -- wahkir
Male, man -- draes
Medicine (a drug) -- ketaen
Medicine (in general) -- hiifven
Medicine (the science of) -- hiifve'afwe
Mouth -- eolh
Muscel -- sraes
Mutilate -- qafhumh
Neck -- bhhaes
Nose -- claehis
Pain -- aehkhifv
Palm of Hand -- lepsain
Poison -- ethaon
Pupil (of eye) -- faerhSickbay -- hifvai'rhe
Rash -- eh'ei
Scanner (specific device) -- salihnir
Skin -- ehrhe
Spine -- tahkil
Stomache -- moht'soh
Throat -- hhaidl
To inflict injury -- hiakha
Tongue -- nnyyrh
Tooth -- ahiu
Toothache -- ahiu'aehkhifv
Toxic -- lhtah
Vein -- euukh
Woman -- nviahr
Wounded -- batlem

Misc Words

Nomad(s) - Havri, havri-a
Mystic(s) - Kohachi, kohachi-a
Order - Ohrie
Transition - Khal


Imperial Standard

0 -- lliu
1 -- hwi
2 -- kre
3 -- sei
4 -- mne
5 -- rhi
6 -- fve
7 -- lli
8 -- the
9 -- lhi
10 -- dha
11 -- dha'hwi
20 -- kra
30 -- seha
40 -- mnha
50 -- rha
60 -- fvha
70 -- lla
80 -- thha
90 -- lha
100 -- khu
101 -- khu'hwi
111 -- khu'dha'hwi
200 -- kru
300 -- sehu
400 -- mnhu
500 -- rhu
600 -- fvhu
700 -- llu
800 -- thhu
900 -- ihu
1,000 -- hwi'dhei
10,000 -- dha'dhei
100,000 -- khu'dhei
1,000,000 -- hwi'kre'dhei
1,000,000,000 -- hwi'sei'dhei
1,000,000,000,000 -- hwi'mnhe'dhei

Northern Imperial Standard

0 -- Ni
1 -- Io
2 -- Re
3 -- Thi
4 -- Khi
5 -- Rhi
6 -- Tho
7 -- Reb
8 -- Lle
9 -- Neh
10 -- Dev
100 -- io-pre
101 -- io-pre'io
102 -- io-pre're
121 -- io-pre're-hn'io
One Thousand -- io-pthi
Ten Thousand -- io-prhi
One Hundred Million -- io-plle
One Billion -- io-pneh
Ten Billion -- io-pdev


Ael'Aidoann -- outpost near the Federation Neutral Zone
Ael'Deletham -- outpost near the Rihannsu-Klingon border
Ael'Morlatta -- former outpost near Rihannsu-Klingon border
Ael'Theirr -- outpost near the Rihannsu-Ferengi border
Agurtha -- A planet
Aihai -- area of plains outside Ra'tleihfi
Ainleth -- a planet
Akhiy`Fvai -- "black dog". A bar and grill on the colony of ch`Delnar
Apnex Sea -- located on ch'Rihan
Areinnye -- Rihannsu Hell
Argat -- a city on ch'Havran
Artaleirh -- a planet
Avastam -- known to the Federation as "the triangle", it borders UFP, Romulan, and Klingon space.
Avrrhinul -- Neutral Zone (lit. "Outmarshes")
Bardat -- city on ch'Havran
ch'Havran -- companion world of ch'Rihan
ch'Revellion -- a planet
ch'Rihan -- capital world of the Rihannsu
Corva II -- a planet
Delnar -- a planet
Eilhaunn -- a planet
Elehu -- district in the Nn'Verih ship-bloc nation on ch'Rihan's north continent
Fethraie -- a river on ch'Rihan
Fire Falls of Gal'Gathong -- the only remaining active vulcano on ch'Rihan. Has a continuous flow of lava
Gaius -- a planet
Harkan -- a city on ch'Havran
Hartlhei Caves -- a large complex of caves near Mhiessan
Hasdrubal -- a planet
Hellaro -- a planet
Ihhliae -- a great city near i'Ramnau
i'Ramnau -- Chapital city on ch'Rihan
Iuruth -- a poor city on ch'Rihan near i'Ramnau
Justarus Paxar IV -- a planet
Ki Baratan -- a city on ch'Rihan
Kihai -- a ship-bloc nation on the east continent of ch'Rihan
Koahht Hama -- starbase located near the planet Delnar
Korthre Cliffs -- tall, beautiful oceanside cliffs in Mhiessan
Levaeri V -- an uninhabited planetoid once used as a military research base
Llunih -- a ship-bloc nation on the east continent of ch'Rihan
Mahalast -- A planet
Mnaeha -- a city on ch'Rihan
Mhiessan -- a large port city on ch'Rihan
Nn'Verih -- a ship-bloc nation on ch'Rihan's north continent
Orinwen -- a planet
Phi'lasasam -- the Rihannsu Academy, the Republic's main naval training facility
Pollar -- a planet
Quatel -- a planet
Rarathik District -- located on ch'Havran
Ra'tleihfi -- a city that grew up around the Capital i`Ramnau on ch`Rihan
Relhinder -- a planet
Rhehiv'je -- a city neighboring Ihhliae on ch'Rihan
Rhynne -- a river on ch'Rihan
ch`Shrr -- A jungle-like planet over-run with agressive and elusive preditors that, when they are sitting, stand waist-level to a grown Rihannsu.
Stelai ler'khelloann -- The Klingon Neutral Zone
Stelai ler'lloann -- The Federation Neutral Zone
Subera Penal Colony -- an asteroid
Sudeka III -- a planet
Taish -- a planet
Tareus Shipyards
Tarus -- a planet
Tegedaar -- a planet
Thieurrull -- Hellguard, a failed colony planet (uninhabited)
Tigelis VIII -- colony world
Tralath Providence -- a colony
Valley of Chula -- a resort town on ch'Rihan
Vorta'Vor -- Rihannsu Eden or Heaven
Ysail -- a planet
Zygrna III -- colony world


Leih (L) -commanding officer
Rhaetelh'Saehne (RS) - executive officer
Amnei'Saehne (AmS) - tatical
Dheno'Saehne (DS) - security
Gonaiih'Saehne (GS) - helmsman/pilot
Afwe'Saehne (AfS) - science
Paectum'Saehne (PS) - engineering
Hiifvehi'Saehne (HS) - medical
Ifvhelhr'Saehne (IS) - opperations
Khhae'Saehne (KS) - com. communications
Nraehhi'Saehne (NS) - political officer
Kiith'Auethnen (KA) - diplomatic advisor
Gekha'leih (GL) - marine commander (galae-ships)
Galae'Auethnen (GA) - naval advisor (non-galae ships)
Aevr'leih (AL) - flight commander
Aevr'iahwil (AI) - flight techs
Tal'Diann'Dohyrl (TD) - military intel. advisor / Tal'Diann Legate (for Galae)

Seasons and Weather

Air (not the Element) -- lhael
Cold -- lhao
Fall/winter season -- tuaq
Fall/Winter season in temperate climes -- urhik (spring)
Flood -- dainhka
Frozen -- daisen
Ice -- lliash
Rain -- iobh
Snow -- etmnau
Sandstorm (mild) -- faeoh
Sandstorm (violent) -- kalabam
Sky -- ralaar
Spring season -- urhik
Temperature -- hlluiu
Thunderstorm -- hvei'khenn
Unit of Temperature -- Onkian (12 O = 35 F)
Unit of Distance -- stai (like a romulan mile?)
Warm, slightly hot -- pokot
"White Wind, The" -- Aye Mosarum. A meterological disturbance on ch'Havran that occures twice per year. A hot wind blows across the northern hemisphere for as long as five days.
Wind, the atmosphere -- khaiell

Sex & Terms of Endearment

Annali`netha - a person who will try and find the perfect match for you - intending to life bond you to someone. A 'marriage-broker' or 'matchmaker'.
A** (derog for rear-end) -- ahz
"Dear heart" (term of enderment)-- a'rhea
F*** (vulger verb) -- imirrhlhhse
Fvanna`Lo - a Rihannsu (male or female) obsessed with sex. A direct refferance to loving trousers, because they are always trying to take them off. This is low class, but only a minor insult. A lover can say this as a soft joke.
Ghache - a prostitute (male or female)
Glek`taj - is a polite way of being nasty to a superior officer. It doesn't actually mean anything -which is intentional by the officers using it- but is like a 'secret' word used by a few officers. Sort of an in-joke. There are various variations. Re`Vhie`hoas Glek! is another one often seen. What it amounts to is sounding like you are being extremely formal and using some dialected Vulcan or ancient Romulan, but mispronouncing it badly; while of course at the same time, you are being a prick, but only so that your friends can hear it. Whatever is said, it is only said before those who will be amused. It is usualy mixed in with a formality like replacing 'rekkhai' with the made up word. Seems like you are being very formal, but not.
Heil`netha - a love pusher. An escort service, or a service to find reacuring non-life-binding sex partners.
Hta`Dva! - gutter word for sex. Often shouted by an Engineer while they are still working, when an officer pesters them. Example: "Sorjal whats the ETA on those relay coils?!" "Hta`Dva! Hta`Dva! Hta`Dva!" An officer would never say this to the Leih.
Kheis`he - homosexual. Not an insult.
Kriheis`ei - an insult that implies that you were born from same gender parents. It can also mean you come from a house of people who couldn't figure out that they needed both genders to make babies.
"Love devil" or "lust devil" (a term of enderment) -- h'levreinnye
My love -- e'lev
Neth`whoishe - a street grade flesh pedler. Though some push 'exotic' bodies. The latter being more a direct sale of a slave into the Romulan's posession. This is considered very questionable behavior by Romulan standards as the "love-slave" never refuses therfore never making sex rape, but is probably drugged or bio-modded not to be able to refuse in the first place.
Passion flower (a term of enderment) -- sahe'lagga


Administrator -- Fvrihai
Advisor -- Auethnen
Agent -- Larrev
Aide-de-Camp -- Hmnial
Ambassador -- Llairhi
Artisan/Craftsman -- Aethhon
Asst. Head Administrator -- ne'Aefvriha
Attache -- Lleifven
Baron -- Lhfvi
Bartender -- Enviy
Chauffer -- ifvhehre
Chef -- arthhi
Chief Advisor -- hru'Auethnen
Chief Ambassador -- hru'Llaudh
Chief Senator -- hru'Deihu
Citizen -- Hfehan
Consul -- Ehkifv
Councilor/phychiatrist -- Kheinsa
Count -- Daeus
Director -- Orrha
Duke -- De`Hyl
Emissary -- Kolaes
Executive -- Rhaetelh
Governor -- Afvillhei
Head Administrator -- Aefvriha
Head Praetor -- Fvillha
Head of Servants/slaves -- Hru'hfe
Junior Administrator -- ne'Fvrihai
Junior Advisor -- ne'Auethnen
Junior Ambassador -- ne'Llairhi
Junior Attache -- ne'Lleifven
Junior Executive -- ne'Rhaetelh
Junior Governor -- ne'Afvillhei
Junior Merchant -- ne'Arrhai
Junior Worker -- ne'Fvehai
Landowner -- Praetor
Lower Senator -- en'Deihu
Manager -- Esael
Mayor -- Rullhi
Merchant -- Arrhai
Messenger -- Fhuokha
Miner -- Ehainos
Overseer -- Challh
President -- Praetelh
Regent -- Dae`Krhh
Scientist -- Arahtih
Senator -- Deihu
Senior Administrator -- el'Fvrihai
Senior Advisor -- el'Auethnen
Senior Ambassador -- el'Llairhi
Senior Attache -- el'Lleifven
Senior Executive -- el'Rhaetelh
Senior Governor -- el'Afvillhei
Senior Merchant -- el'Arrhai
Servant/slave -- Hfai
Spy -- Hhvaeh
Student -- Farein
Teacher -- Afweirrea
Technician -- Iahwil
Upper Senator -- el'Deihu
Upper Worker -- el'Fvehai
Worker -- Fvehai

Useful Phrases & Insults

"Activate transporter" -- hteij'rhae
"All's well" -- oiuu'n mnekha
"As far as I know" -- rhhaensuriuu
"Attention!" -- vaed'rae
"Back off" or "Back away from" -- akhae
Bastard -- wort (means 'disgraceful ancestry', not illegitimacy)
"Be welcome" -- Aefvadh
"Be well" (goodbye) -- Bedah
Bit** (derog. term for a female) -- Susse-thrai
"Can you Hear?" (sarcastic) -- hnafiv'au-d
"Can you see?" (sarcastic) -- hnafirh'au-d
"Come back here!" -- h'ta-fvau
"Come on!" -- mnaes
"Come over here" -- h'tah-fvienn
crap -- hnaev
damn -- fvadt
"Dear heart" (term of enderment)-- a'rhea
Denebian slime devil -- denebhan'ahlh
Derogitory word for "human" -- havam
Derogitory word for Klingon -- Klivam
"Do you understand?" -- ssuej'd'ifv
Elements be thanked -- Kholairlh-a ihir hann'yyo'ir
Elements protect us -- Kholairlh-a deleth mnevher
Elements willing (granting) -- Kholairlh-a ssaed-asi
"Fire disruptors" -- ie'yyak-hna'h
F*** (vulger verb) -- imirrhlhhse
Garbage, trash (used as an insult) -- ryak'na
Go, engage, Fire -- hna'h
"Halt!" or "Stop!" -- beest
Hello/Goodbye/Greetings/Farewell -- jolan'tru
"I request this be done at once." -- sthea'hwill
idiot -- feanna
I'm sorry -- arhem usae
"Indeed" -- rh'e
"Is everything okay?" (lit. "advise me whether all is well") -- aeuthn qiu oaii mnek'nra?
Jerk -- dha'rudh
"Let me (us) hear it." -- hnafiv'rau
"Let me (us) see it." -- hnafirh'rau
"Locking on", "Perpare for transport" -- "Lhhwoi-sdei"
"Look here", or "Look at this" -- ta'khreen
"Love devil" or "lust devil" (a term of enderment) -- h'levreinnye
Madam, Ma'm -- llhei
My apologies (formal) -- Thlhom veherr'a
My love -- e'lev
No, not -- na
Passion flower (a term of enderment) -- sahe'lagga
Observe caution -- ahrrein'firh
Oh Elements, advert it! -- Ai'Kholairlh-a tyohr aei
Oh Fire, Air, and Earth -- Ai'Okhala, Jaeih, u'Avilh
Oh, really? -- hra'vae
"Okay" or "Alright" -- gaenoh
Powers and Elements -- Caelis-a u' Kholairlh-a
"Red alert!" - Mneani nhyrh
Report to me now! (urgent) -- hallh'na
Screen off -- ta'khoi
Screen on -- ta'rhae
Sir -- Rekkhai
SOB -- Faelirh ch'susse-thrai
Thank you -- hann'yyo
Thank you very much -- Hann'yyo rhissiuy
That's just enough! -- llilla'hu
Vaehkh -- a derogatory term that translates as "neighbor", used for a stranger especially an alien.
What? -- fvah
What else? -- hre va
What in the Element's name? -- Fvah dha'nia Kholairlh-a nahi
What in (the) Hell? -- Fvah dha'nia Areinnye
What now? -- fvah'lla
Who are you (to be asking/doing this)? -- vah-udt (lit. 'What rank?')
Worm (found in domestic hlai pens), an insult -- "Kllhean annelid"
Yes -- ie
You have the bridge ("you have command") -- ri'lae'fv'htaiell
You'll do. -- ihlla'hn
You're dead! (a threat) -- Au`rh yy'a
You're drunk -- Au`rh hhaes