Battle of Typhon

From IRW Aylhr

The Battle of Typhon was a large-scale battle between Lyran forces against Federation and Romulan forces. Intelligence gathered from a Krivaldi ship on Shydal Prime indicated that elements within the Lyran Star Empire had expressed interest in joining the Krivaldi, Breen, and Dominion coalition. Fearing another front in the war, then Vice Admiral Jolias Enor gathered a task force of over one-hundred Federation ships and intercepted the still larger Lyran Force near the Typhon Expanse. The battle raged on and the Federation forces were slowly being dismantled until Romulan reinforcements under the command of Shiarrael t`Rehu arrived sending the Lyran forces into disarray using the aptly dubbed Rehu Maneuver.

The Lyrans forces were quickly overwhelmed and offered their surrender. While Admiral Enor accepted the surrender, then Ael'Riov t'Rehu refused and obliterated the remnants of the Lyran fleet. In some circles the incident would be dubbed the 'Lyran Massacre.'

Romulan Involvement

Originally Romulan involvement in the Second Dominion War was tepid at best. They offered the Federation access to their fleet facilities but made no largescale military contribution. Realizing that Lyran involvement in the war would complicate matters for both the Federation and her people Ael'Riov Shiarrael t`Rehu took the evidence of Lyran treachery to Tomika and convinced the EnRiov to grant her a large force to aid the Federation. After heated debate she won approval and traveled to Jezerek where she selected additional ships for her forces.

Discovery of the Quantum Fury

It was also during this time that the Quantum Fury was discovered. Originally being developed as a joint Romulan/Confederation project with the start of the Second Dominion War and the dissolution of the old Confederation the Quantum Fury design was seized by Tal'Diann agents and taken to Jezerek where Shiarrael t`Rehu discovered it and later presented it as an 'on loan' gift to Vice Admiral Jolias Enor

The Lyran Massacre

Refers to the complete destruction of the Lyran fleet and all personnel after the Lyrans had offered their surrender by the Romulan forces under the command of Shiarrael t`Rehu. No charges were ever brought against her on Romulus as she was acting within the confines of Romulan Military Policy- although proceedings in the Federation are being insisted on by peace activists. However proceedings in the Federation are unlikely to occur as the the current Lyran Government agrees with the Romulan assessment that no wrongdoing occurred (although this is likely due to the fact that current Lyran government is a puppet state of the Empire.)

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