Aylhr Schematics

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D'Dherex departing planet (Large).

The D'Dherex was designed by Illest tr'Maerk at the Romulan Developmental Fleet Facility in the Jezerek system. The primary idea behind the D'Dherex was to replace the outdated D'Dheridex design with a powerful vessel that was not only more maneuverable but also resource-efficient. This means the D'Dherex class ships, especially the newer models, possess a versatility unmatched by any other vessel currently in service within the Empire.

By 2415 the D'Dherex ships were at the front lines of Star Empire's border security apparatus. The D'Dherex showed its muscle during the Tholian and Klingon campaigns playing pivotal roles in both conflicts. By 2421 the Empire had met its goal of replacing 70% of the active D'Dheridex force with the newer D'Dherex design. It estimates it will be able to fully remove the old D'Dheridex forces by 2430.

Size Comparison Chart (Large).

Hull Dimensions

  • Length: 1280m
  • Beam: 1004m
  • Height: 219m
  • Decks: 68

Crew Information

  • Standard Compacity: 1,250
  • Emergency Capability: 15,000

Propulsion System Information

  • Warp Core: Compound Quantum Singularity Mk VI
  • Core Number: 1
  • Maximum Speed: Lower Trans-Warp 3rd Domain
  • Sublight Drive: Twin-Tandem Frictionless drive
  • Maximum Speed: .83c

Weapon System Information

  • Disrupter Arrays: 16 Disrupter Arrays; - Beak: 2 - Dorsal: 1 - Rear: 1 - Over Wing: 2 - Under Wing: 2 - Forward Ventral: 3 - Aft Ventral: 2 - Right Nacelle: 1 - Left Nacelle: 1
  • Torpedo Launchers: 5 R-Class Launchers <<3 Forward, 2 aft>> 16 M-Class << 8 Forward, 8 aft>>
  • Torpedo Payload: ~2000
  • Cloaking System: Mk 18 Standard Cloak
  • Shroud System: Mk 4 Shroud
  • Phasic Cloak: Mk 3a Phasic Cloak
  • Reflex Cannon: 1 Forward (1 shot per six minutes. While the equipment is installed, the power system is not configured for use. In order to activate the reflex cannon, a starship must disconnect and re-route power from almost all other systems, leaving the ship with only 1 R-Grade Torpedo and its disruptor array complement. This conversion is best done at a starbase, to ensure that all systems can be re-connected later on. Once fired, the ship is incapable of going to warp, powering shields, using a cloaking device, firing its torpedoes, or using the impulse engines. Movement can only be done by using thrusters, which can propel the ship up to 0.03c. The effect lasts for 3 minutes.)

Defensive Information

  • Standard Shield Load: 10,000 MW Per Grid
  • Shield Grid System: 4 grid generators covering the ship
  • Secondary Load of Primary: 80%
  • Armor: Standard 'organo' crystalline-metallic mesh skin for all classes
  • Secondary Armor: Ablative plating


  • 6 Runabouts
  • 8 bombers
  • 52 fighters
  • 74 Fighter Drones

Misc Information

  • Computer Core: Rihannsu 6th generation core
  • Transporters: 8 Troop Transporter, 10 Cargo - Under standard Variant

Four Variations

  • Variant I - Fleet Cargo Carrier: Reduces max crew to 2,500. This raises standard crew to 1,000
  • Variant II - Fighter Carrier: Compliment now 250, bomber/transport 100, and 8 additional fighter bays replace cargo and troop space.
  • Variant III - Ground Forces Deployment Craft: For the cost of all fighter craft, add 25 Armour and APC units.
  • Variant IV - Anti-Starbase Battery: Activate Reflex Cannon without loosing plasma torpedoes, add 2 MQS reactors for powering the cannon, add Multi-Pulse Impulse engines, which will work after the cannon fires (giving the ship a 0.23c impulse speed once the cannon has fired, raises normal sublight speed to .90c).