Aylhr Departments

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Imperial Starship crews are divided into specialized branches or departments such as command, security, medical etc.

Leih (L) [CO / Commanding Officer]

The Leih of a vessel must have near Godlike qualities to fulfill his position respectably and admirably. He or she must always control his or her temper, to lose their cool on anything less than the greatest offense would mean losing their respectability. He must keep track of EVERYTHING said on the bridge but filter out the unnecessary information and respond to the vital information. He must maintain strict discipline on board the ship to prevent behavioral and attendance problems. As far as during SIM duties, he coordinates the efforts of each station and is the only person aboard the ship who can order weapons to be fired and order an away team sent.

Rhaetelh'Saehne (RS) [XO / Executive Officer / First Officer]

The RS is used for a variety of tasks, such as raising shields during an imminent battle situation, keeping tabs on how the Crew feels about the Leih's performance, and advising the Leih during times of both battle and diplomacy. And of course, his primary duty must never be forgotten, to lead away teams in place of the Leih and to ensure the Leih's personal safety on rare occasions when the Leih must leave on an away team. The RS generally plays all characters on the viewscreen, preferably changing nicks before doing so. He must observe all ship-to-ship communications commands (described later in this text) and protocols when doing so.

The First Officer is also expected to give alternate points of view on a given situation. The Leih typically turns to his RS for another take on a situation. There may be times that as RS you think your Leih is making an error in his decision-- it is YOUR JOB to make sure the Leih understands your objections so that he knows your viewpoint for consideration. HOWEVER, once the Leih's decision has been made, it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the Rhaetelh'Saehne to carry them out, no matter how he or she feels personally."

Amei'Saehne (AmS) [TAC / Tactical Officer]

The AmS officer must know the correct balance of damage inflicted to the other ship for each firing of the disruptors and plasma torpedoes, and most difficult, he must (usually) actually BE the alien on the viewscreen when the Leih is talking to an alien, which means changing his nick and knowing something about the race he is portraying. The AmS is the busiest but the most fun of any position on the ship. Please be aware, that this position *is* different from that of a SF ship, in that on a Federation vessel, the TAC officer is also responsible for communications. This is not true on a Rihannsu vessel.

The following are duties of the AmS post:

  • AmS controls and fires all weapons and raises and lowers shields, but only does these when the Leih orders him to.
  • AmS controls the cloaking device and coordinates with KS (Comm) in running the Tachyon beam to scan for other cloaked ships.

Dheno'Saehne (DS) [SEC / Security Officer]

Dheno is responsible for the internal security of the ship, detention cells, weapons lockers, and alert status of the Dheno teams (depending on the current mission). They also make maintenance schedules for the security systems on the ship and let AmS (TAC) know the week before the work needs to be done. The Daise'Dheno'Saehne is also responsible for selecting one member of the Dheno Department. on every away mission. This position is optional, and AmS (TAC) will take on these responsibilities if there is not a Daise'Dheno'Saehne.

Gonaiih'Saehne (GS) [Helm / Flight Control Officer]

Helm (not CONN!!) is of course vital to the ship. The ship cannot go anywhere if there is no Gonaiih'Saehne -- or Helm Officer (also referred to as 'Flight Control Officer' within the Federation). The Leih will tell you your course and destination and you will set that course. During the battle, you will be asked to perform evasive actions, and the typical thing to say will be "Engaging Evasive pattern Soran-Alpha-Io, Rekkhai!" and change the patterns for each foe you meet. Be creative with this post and enjoy yourself. But remember, unless the Leih has specifically said "Hnah!" (engage/now/fire)....then YOU DO NOT go anywhere! Lay in your course, tell the Leih that you have done so, and WAIT for that last order! Quite often, in battle situations, the Leih will tell you "Evasive -- Hnah!" in which case, you have that last order, so you better move your butt!

Afew'Saehne (AfS) [SCI / Science Officer]

Typically, AfS handles detailed planetary scans, such as scanning for life signs that might be undetectable by normal means, scanning temporal anomalies, and scanning wormholes. If an object is detected then AfS takes over to get all the details and information about that object. AfS is also responsible for all science-related and research projects that take place on their ships. This includes being overall science labs and making sure that department personnel follow Galae protocol.

Daise'Paectum'Saehne (DPS) [ENG / Chief Engineering Officer]

"The Man in the Basement" is the occasional label given to the DPS (Chief of ENG). The Daise'Paectum'Saehne basically keeps the ship together during crisis situations, and during day-to-day life, he keeps the engines and shields balanced. The DPS can be called upon to perform everything from balancing the power distribution net to ejecting the warp core. Ideally, in today's RSE ships, the Engineer has assistants to perform the multitudinous task of keeping all the power and parts working to the best of their efficiency. Though often overlooked, the Daise'Paectum'Saehne should be kept quite busy, especially during battle SIMs, either by the Leih or by himself just keeping all systems running smoothly. He is also known for problem-solving tasks and called upon when no one on the bridge can understand something engineering-related on another ship or planet.

Daise'Hiifvehi'Saehne (DHS) [CMO / Chief Medical Officer]

The Daise'Hiifvehi'Saehne aboard the ship is vital to continue functions. The job of the DHS is to ensure the ship is protected against any and all biohazards and to approve any possible beam down coordinated to be safe for the away team from the biohazard standpoint. Last but not least, it falls upon the DHS to do all the healing of battle wounded during battles. This is another position where assistants are usually utilized to ease the pressure and to do the smaller tasks of this position. One last point to note, in the absence of a ship's Kheinsa (Councilor), the DHS fills the role.

Khhae'Saehne (KS)-- [COM / Communications Officer]

All of the following are duties of the KS post:

  • Communication with other vessels/planets, etc. The KS is the one that sends out a 'hail'.
  • Declaring status of enemy ships during combat.
  • Keeping track of the fighters, and relaying this information to AmS (TAC) so that the fighters do not fall victim to "friendly fire."
  • Monitoring long and short-range sensors in combat.

Tal'Diann'Dohyrl (TD) [Tal'Diann Legate]

The Tal'Diann's representatives are called Legates, and are usually only attached to fleets and wing ships. Legates have no official ship powers normally, but in times of crisis and war are often assigned temporary command posts. The Tal'Diann Legate acts as a Military Intelligence Advisor.

While the Tal'Diann Legate does not nearly have the same level of power as the Tal'Shiar political officer, the Tal'Diann is much more trusted in the military. So if the Leih wants an unfiltered intelligence report, he will turn to the Legate. If the Leih wants a more complete report, he will go to the political officer. The Tal'Diann Legate and Tal'Shiar political officer, like their respective organizations, are often at odds with each other and will watch each other's progress closely.

Ifvhelh'Saehne (IS) [OPS / Operations Officer]

The main job of the IS is to make sure that the ship is running smoothly.

Some of your duties are:

  • To divert power to those stations that need it the most during combat situations.
  • To operate and maintain the transporters.
  • Declaring in-ship sensor readings that would not be caught by Engineering, such as a minor drop in sensor efficiency or electrical interference (including all reasons for interference during Communications between ships!)
  • Declaring ALL ONBOARD damage during battle. (That is YOUR ship, not the enemy!)
  • To ensure the smooth operation of the Vessel in day-to-day affairs. If something needs fixing, you are the one to report it to Engineering.
  • Monitor Non-combat long-range sensors.
  • Declaring ALL planetary sensor readings. (If its a planet, it is yours)

Gekha'Leih (GL) [Marine Commander]

The Marine Commander is a member of the Rihannsu Galae's Gai'Shian, and often works closely with the Daise'Dehno (and very often *is* the Daise'Dehno), as his Marines are often utilized as Security gaurds on a Rihannsu Vessle. The GL coordinates and runs the security teams that must accompany the RS (XO) durring an Away-Team mission. The GL is responsible for corordinating all combat situations on a planetary surface. And, if GL is also the Daise'Dehno (Chief of SEC), he will be responsible for inventory, issue, and maintanance of all hand-weapons.

Aevi'Leih (AL) [Flight Commander]

The Flight Commander is the Head-honcho for the Fighter-Pilots. ;) This position is often the Daise'Gonaiih'Saehne (Chief Helm) of a Rihannsu starbase. On a Rihannsu ship, this position is filled by the highest senior-assistant Gonaiih'Saehne. On a ship, the AL is responsible for corordinating and leading the Fighter Pilots in battle. On a starbase, the AL is responsible for assigning shuttle-duties to the Pilots, in addition to corordinationg and leading those pilots in battle.

Aevi'iahwil (AI) [Flight-Techs]

The Flight-Techs are crewmen that only work on the flight decks of ships and starbases. They are specially trained to repair and reload fighters and bombers, as well as being reserv pilots. They are the crew that flesh-out the Fighter-Squadrons.

Kiith'Avethnen (KA) [Diplomatic Advisor]

An officer that specializes in local and foreign protocols, and usually specializes in alien cultures. If the Leih needed to know about ways to deal with an alien they encountered, he would seek the information from the Kiith'Avethnen. This post is usually filled by Galae officers, *not* the Tal'Shiar's NS (Political Officers).