Astate Colony

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Planetary Information
Class: Minshara
Quadrant: Beta Quadrant
Star System: Anarin System
Discovered: 2311
Claimed By: Federation & Romulan Empire
Population: 840,000
Leader(s): Alyta Telin & Tipek tr`Sirol
Status: Jointly Controlled

Astate Colony is a colony located within the neutral zone and is jointly controlled by the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. Both governments have military facilities on the planet. It is also the home port of the USS Charon.

About the Planet

Astate is a class M planet located in the neutral zone near Iconia. The planet has a vast array of ecological and environmental compositions. The planet is twice the size of earth but its gravity is 86% of Earth Standard. The planet's core consists of a varying array of elements, though its iron composition is much less then that of Earth.

Astate is divided into four main continental regions; the southern ice shelf is not considered a continent.

Astate's Climate

Astate's climate varies but it is covered in most part by a dense tropical region. Due to the this large swath of tropics there is often a great deal of atmospheric convection resulting in large summer storms. Recently a weather control system has been implemented; this has lessened the severity of the seasonal storms.

Astate Continental Regions

Riha: Settled by the Romulans, Riha is a very exotic continent, large rain forests and jungles carve a wide swath through its center and heavy grasslands cover the rest of it.

Naiad: Settled by Federation colonist, Naiad is covered by rich temperate forests and grasslands. A large mountain range covers a large part of Naiad. The continent is also home to dozens of rivers, colonist have created settlements along these rivers using the rich river valleys for their crops.

Graithong: Graithong is not truly a continent but rather a large chain of jungle covered islands that spans for several thousand kilometers. Several of the islands are young and center on large volcanoes. There are no settlements here, other then a few Klingon hunting loges and rumors of a syndicate hideout.

Vaena: Vaena is covered by a large swath of forests and grasslands to the south and to the north a large tundra runs up to the planet’s northern pole. There several settlements on this continent and it is the location of most contention. Romulan and Federation settlements both dot the southern tip of Vaena and conflicts consistently arise between both sides. Starfleet and the Star Navy both have a large ‘peace keeping’ presence on Vaena along with some military outposts.

Astate Flora

Astate is home to a wide array of Flora. Most of the flora resides in the tropical rain forests of the Riha Continent, while the Naiad continent is the second most in terms of Flora density. Most of the Flora on Astate is edible by Human and Vulcanoids.

While an enzyme in many of the plants make it deadly to Bolians and Benzites. Below is a list of some of the plants.

He'wfen - a Tropical flower located on Riha, it's well known for the sweet taste of it's stem sap. One of the many exotic flowers on Astate.

Palodo - A vegetable shrub that grows in the mountainous areas of Naiad.

Phalung - A large apple like fruit that grows in the tropical regions. It has a rough exterior but a soft white interior. Phalung juice has become a favored drink of the Romulan settlers.

Talar Tree - Are massive trees that grow in the tropical regions. Talar root is used when fermenting ale, this gives Ahuian Ale some narcotic like side effects.

Caodoch - A large plant that grows in the southern region of Naiad, its massive leaves are tough and leather like in texture. Many buildings in Pyrrha used dried Caodoch leaves for roof tiling.

Astate Fauna

Astate's exotic regions are home to thousands upon thousands of different animals, many of which have yet to be discovered. On the Riha continent a lot of Romulan Fauna have been introduced to the environment for live stock purposes. However, on the Naiad continent the Federation colonist have decided to raise local species as livestock. Below is a list of common Fauna.

Gilgarik - A small fox type animal. The Gilgarik is a predator in the southern Veh'Seril Jungles, while they are small their massive five inch claws make up for their lack in size.

Nivre - Are massive buffalo like grazing animals that inhabit the northern part of Riha. Nivra have a coat of thin fur and can often grow to stand at least five meters tall and weigh over two tonnes. Many Romulan Settlers have domesticated the Nivre to become live stock, though their meat is considered very rough. They are also used as riding animals to transverse through the thicker sections of the jungles when other transportation is not available.

Kadul - A feline like animal who has thin needle shaped scales covering it's entire body. The Kadul is a predatory animal that resides in the mountains of the Naiad continent and another larger sub species reside in the southern Graithong jungles.

Slizzek - The Slizzek are large reptilian herbivores who eat the large quantities of Palodo. The Slizzek are about the size of a fully grow Rhino (they're pretty big.) However their soft nutritious meats make them perfect for consumption. Many of these are raised as live stock.

Wadoru - Are small rodents that resemble badgers. They are notorious for breaking into livestock holds and consuming entire supplies of Palodo or Phalung fruit.

Astate Colony

Astate Colony History

The planet known as M113 would be colonized in 2301 by 5,000 people. The settlers would rename the planet "Astate" after their leader Marcus Astate. Astate would begin to thrive after a rough start but then it mysteriously vanished in 2308. The USS Bismarck which was sent to investigate the disappearance could not find any trace of the colonist or what might have happened to them. All remaining records on the planet indicated everything was proceeding normally before they disappeared. USS Bismarck

The Bismarck would end its investigation by suggesting that perhaps the Romulans had raided the colony and either killed the colonist or kidnapped them for research purposes. Whatever the cause of the disappearance the colony would remain unsettled for several decades.

In 2376 about 10,000 Romulans led by former Romulan Commander Tepek tr'Sirol settled on Astate and named the planet "Ahuian". Their main goal was to create a sphere of influence outside of the clan and house based political hierarchy of the home worlds. Though they never severed ties with the empire they operated autonomously until recently.

A month after they settled the colony was nearly wiped out by a plague. After surviving the first three months of hardship the remaining Romulan settlers established the city now known as Veh'Seril.

Four years prior to the Romulan colonizing of Astate a young man and descendent of Marcus Astate began collecting funds for a new expedition to the planet. When he and his supporters learned that the Romulans had begun colonizing the planet they sped up their plans. Receiving the permission for a colonial expedition, Edward Astate would lead 13,000 people to Astate and colonize the Naiad continent in 2377.

In 2382 Edward Astate would hire Klingons to hunt down and reduce the Kadul (predatory animal) populations near a new settlement named Pyrrha. The Klingons found the planet so much to their liking they would bring their families and settle a little south of Pyrrha near the Graithong Island continent.

For decades both the Romulan settlers and the Federation colonist ignored each other. It was only when both began expanding that problems arose. The main issue centered over the northern continent of Vaena which both groups attempted to settle. Small skirmishes between Romulan and Federation settlements became regular. It was only when the conflict expanded to space vessels that it became a concern for both the Federation and Star Empires.

With the conflict threatening to spill out to other planets within the neutral zone the Federation and Romulans held a secret meeting on Alpha Eridani where they drew up plans to jointly monitor the planet and keep the locals from creating a headache in the neutral zone. With the plans drawn up in late 2406 both sides began construction of facilities on the planet. The arrival of the full presence from both governments would occur in late 2407.

Astate Cities

Veh'Seril: The Largest Romulan settlement and home to the Star Navy's small fortress. Veh'Seril is inhabited by about 130,000 Romulans and contains the main space port for cargo and personnel transport off the planet for Romulan citizens. The Space Port is controlled by the Star navy. Veh’Seril is located on Riha.

Caenis: The Largest Federation settlement on the planet is inhabited by about 115,000 Federation citizens. Caenis is home to the colonial government and Starfleet. It is also the home of the planets largest space port which is controlled by the Caenis government. Caenis is located on Naiad.

Pyrrha: The third largest city on Astate, Pyrrha is another Federation settlement. It is home to about 80,000 Federation citizens and a Starfleet Marine Corps training ground. Pyrrha is located on Naiad.

Ri'faal: The fourth largest settlement on the planet, Ri'faal is home to around 40,000 Romulan settlers. Ri'faal is known for its large live stock trading centers and a Star Navy landing pad and Tal’Diann facility. Ri'faal is located on Riha.

Drabon: A small city located south of Pyrrha, home to a population of 12,000, Drabon is notable for the large Slizzek farms there.

Ni'Rezas: A medium city located on the land bridge between Rihal and Naiad, this is city has the largest mixture of Romulans and Federation Colonist on the planet. Towns and Villages

Lesule: A small Romulan town located on the Vaena Continent.

Falko: A Federation town located in the Telin desert.

Astate Census Information:

Romulans: 250,000 Federation Citizens: 280,000 Klingons: 8,000 Other: 72,000

Military Personnel:

Romulan Star Navy: 9,500 Starfleet: 6,500 Other: 300 (Station in orbit)

Military Personnel in 2410

W-R-A000.JPG Jolias Enor Typhon Sector Commander Trill Male Thomas
W-R-0000.JPG Cilvia Savage Astate Colony Commander Human Female Thomas
W-R-0000.JPG Aiden Bravado USS Guardian Commander Human Male Trael
W-R-0000.JPG Zane Akina Intelligence Officer Human Male Tav
GY-R-000.JPG Eithne Falcon Sector Security Adviser Betazoid Female Cat
GY-T-000.JPG Yuna Brin Colony Medical Officer Bajoran Female Soleta
Colonel Aria Falcon MEU Commander Human Female Jade^Falcon
GY-Y-000.JPG Samantha Myers-Korialis Colony Engineer Human Female Regan