Aria Falcon

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Aria Falcon
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Rank: Colonel
Position: Marine Commander
Race: Terran
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: jade
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 130 Lbs
Father: Zoren Falcon
Mother: Annabelle Falcon
Siblings: Jade Falcon
Marital Status: Single
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238001.19 – Aria is born on Epsilon Colony.

23960x.xx – Aria’s teen years are filled with ever-increasing rebellious acts. It’s clear she is not the sort to follow lockstep with the crowd.

239805.11 – Aria graduates from the colony’s compulsory education system and caps it off with a flight to Earth.

239807.23 – Aria enlists in the Starfleet Marine Corps. Completing Basic and AIT - infantry, she applies for the Special Forces. Afterwards Aria is assigned to the 58th Force Recon Regiment, 3rd Company “Night Haunters” with the rank of lance corporal and position of crew sniper.

239808.21 – Shortly after a promotion to full corporal Aria deployed with the 58th at the onset of the Federation-Romulan War.

239809.16 – The Night Haunters begin covert missions well behind Romulan lines after Starfleet counter-attacks fail to halt the Romulan advance. During this time Aria attains the rank of Sergeant.

239810.04 – The Night Haunters participate in Operation Strangle, an effort to destroy war supply lines and force the Romulans to rely exclusively on stockpiles. The operation meets with some measure of success but it fails to slow the Romulan advance as stockpile levels are discovered to have been grossly underestimated by Starfleet Intelligence.

Deployment for Operation Strangle.

239811.13 – Operation Alpine Violet. Night Haunters join a larger task force in an offensive action to recapture the world of Coyopa. The planet’s slow rotation causes long, cold nights and blisteringly warm days. The marines achieve ground superiority. Fewer lives are lost to the Romulans than to the megafauna that had gone overlooked during the planning stages of the mission.

239812.19 – The Night Haunters participate in urban combat as part of Operation Nightingale to root out Romulan resistance on Vulcan after Starfleet gains orbital superiority. Many Romulans are left planetside in order to tie up Marine and Allied forces there.

Starfleet Marines fight to retake the city of ShiKahr.

239901.03 – Aria is given a field commission to 2nd Lieutenant during operations on Vulcan after her platoon leader is killed.

239903.14 – Operation Urban Shark, the last combat operation Night Haunters took part in. The last of the Romulan insurgents are found and killed. Vulcan is declared free of enemy agents. Not long after, a cease fire is reached. Peace negotiations lead to a new treaty and the war ends.

240002.05 – Aria is promoted to 1st Lieutenant

2400xx.xx – <Place holder>

240109.17 – Aria accepts a promotion to Captain and reassignment to the Force Recon detachment aboard the USS Griffin-A.

240204.12 – While patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone, the USS Griffin-A is hit by a string of mysterious murders. After an attempt is made on the Fleet Captains life, Aria declares martial law and, under marine control, the ship heads for the nearest Starbase. All investigations are handed over to the local JAG office.

240211.22 – Aria is given command of Task Force Ensatus, a temporary team of specialists assembled to execute Operation Blue Blood.

240309.25 – With the completion of Operation Blue Blood and disband of Task Force Ensatus, Aria is promoted to Major and returns as Force Recon company commander aboard the USS Griffin-A. Much of the ships’ undisclosed work takes place along the Cardassian and Breen borders.

240506.09 – By request of Captain Enor, Aria takes an interim command of the marine forces aboard the USS Warrior. Upon arrival, she is given her mission to oversee all security proceedings during a peace delegation with the Alteonians.

240506.18 – The Alteonian peace talks conclude with a signed treaty and the crew of the Warrior is given R&R on the planet Alteon III. While there, Aria and Captain Enor have a private discussion, from one veteran to another, about their mission, as well as the past Romulan Wars.

240510.31 – Aria takes command of marine forces onboard the USS Archer before being sent back to the Romulan Neutral Zone.

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House Falcon wasn’t so much a family as a dynasty. Old money Blue Bloods from Earth who had left to join the brain child of an eccentric billionaire sometime in the 23rd century – Epsilon Colony, built by rich adventurists who hoped to create their own little world of silver spoons and oceans of green. The males of House Falcon always entered the corporate arena, there was no other profession. The wives of these men were always carefully selected, devious creatures who could play the social game while their husbands played the corporate. Plenty of money kept the colony lavished in excess, but the expensive clothing, rare delicacies and glanderous buildings hid the truth, that its polished hallways and glimmering estates were just as dangerous as a frontier slum. The names and faces might be different, might be dressed up and pretty, but the game was very much the same.

In this place did Zoren and Annabelle Falcon bring two children into the world – their older son Jade and younger daughter Aria. Perhaps two of the most despicable people to walk the halls of Epsilon Colony, Zoren and Annabelle proved to be absolutely ruthless in their quest for economic power, playing out their roles in the cyclical family curse, not unwittingly, but joyfully. Rising to the top of one of Epsilons richest companies, Zoren took the helm of Nexus Systems as President & CEO my murdering his father and older brother. Annabelle had been a ruthless socialite and heiress to the assets from a liquidated munitions company that had been in business with Zoren, hungered for power in her own right. The two, bound by rapturous passion and unlimited decadence were wed shortly after Zoren’s rise to power.

As mother and father to Aria and Jade their divisive and malicious parenting techniques would result in the rise of two very different children who, for the first time in a very long family line, may have the chance to break from tradition and avoid following their parents down the familial path to self destruction.


Aria is single by preference and a gambler by passion.

Cunning, intelligent, and determined, the coquette embodied a clash of feminine siren with that of a competent soldier. She has a tendency to be reckless, believing that big rewards are paid only with big risk. She has an almost sociopathic charm to her, a femme fatale sex appeal. Regardless of Aria’s biting sarcasm and strong cynicism, she is nevertheless a very engaging, if aggressive, person. She commands attention and demands it when not given freely, an attitude that has proven abrasive to many while exciting to some.

Aria is tall for a human female with an athletic frame and curves right where they should be. Flat black hair to her shoulders, framing a smooth face and violet eyes. It made for a softer, natural attractiveness – pleasant, even eye-catching at times while not being obnoxiously beautiful. The soldiers’ dress of choice is often a soldiers’ business-casual; her body encased in loose-fit BDU’s and a firm-fitting black T, dog tags dangling from her neck.

Medical History

Aria has several wound markers that have never completely faded. Disruptor burns along the left side of the abdomen, a six-inch knife wound from the waist to inner thy along the left leg, and shrapnel wounds on her right forearm. The most noticeable when dressed, are faint lines along the front of her throat, remnant of an attempted strangulation with cabling during Operation Urban Shark on Vulcan.

Service Record

  • 240806.20: Assigned as Marine Commander on Astate Colony

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