Aiden Bravado

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Aiden Bravado
Rank: Captain
Position: USS Guardian Commanding Officer
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 160 Lbs
Father: Louis Motherbaugh
Mother: Anastacia Bravado
Siblings: None
Marital Status: In a relationship with Shiarrael t`Rehu

Aiden Bravado came to Starfleet Academy from a little-known colony world called Naevan VI, near one of the major Federation trading routes in the Alpha Quadrant. Though he wasn’t particularly well built, or outstandingly adept in physical combat, he signed on as an Assistant Security Officer – which he thought, at the time, would have been what he was ‘born to do.’

After his first year, he proved his determination to stand out amongst his peers, while at the same time earning their respect. He threw himself into his training during the week, and was the life of the party every weekend, up until he was dispatched as an Assistant Security Officer aboard the USS Amazon for his Academy Training Cruise.

While escorting diplomats to an alien world, the crew was given shore leave, and Aiden naturally lead his friends to one of the planet’s bars. A friendly game of billiards broke into a brawl that sullied the reputation of the Federation, and nearly caused the mission’s failure. Since then, he’s made it a point to control himself both on and off duty, while maintaining his engaging, yet sarcastic demeanor.

Upon graduation, he was transferred to the Tactical department by the ship’s command team, where his quick thinking, and creativity made him an asset in the development of strategies involving the Akira class starship’s Fighter Operations. At the behest of the Squadron’s CO, he was transferred once again, where his worth was proved time and again.

Upon his promotion to Lieutenant JG, Bravado decided to pursue his pilots certification. After working alongside him, he found that the Fighter Pilot’s life seemed like the ‘fit’ he’d been looking for. Upon graduation from Flight School, he received unexpected orders to report to Xonnel Colony – orders that he wasn’t exactly happy about. After a short tenure as a pilot with the 550th 'Black Mambas,' Sparks was transferred to the Crazy Horse, where he was taken prisoner after shooting a Krivaldi guard who wouldn't allow him to help after the station they'd docked at had been bombed.

After his rescue, he returned to the Academy to earn certifications in Starship piloting, and Advanced Tactical Fighter Operations. While there, his classmates and peers switched his callsign from 'Sparks' to 'Daddy,' just before his new orders came in, which shipped him off to Starbase 400: 'Versailles'

Born to a single, scatterbrained engineer and a father who abandoned the both of them on the date of his delivery, on a colony world – Naevan VI – that tried to be a great place to settle down and raise a family, Aiden Bravado may have felt ordinary, but he always dreamed of being extraordinary. At a young age, he proved that his wits and instincts were quicker than most, often described as ‘arrogant,’ ‘sarcastic,’ and ‘stuck up.’ He believes that what’s right always takes precedent over what’s correct, and has gotten into trouble for sticking by his convictions any number of times. Though there are some reprimands on his record, he claims that he’ll never change, because he is “determined to live a life without regrets.”

Service Record

Promotion History

  • Achieved the rank of Ensign on Stardate 240312.
  • Achieved the rank of Lieutenant JG on Stardate 240409.27.
  • Achieved the rank of Lieutenant on Stardate 240610.03.
  • Achieved the rank of Acting Lieutenant Commander on Stardate 240610.03.
  • Achieved the rank of Acting Captain on Stardate 240711.28.

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