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From IRW Aylhr

The IRW Aylhr is an award winning PBem (play by email/post) simulation in UCIP. Overall UCIP has a very rich and in-depth simming environment for anyone interested in the details of Star Trek but it’s also simple enough for the casual writer. Our motto is that simming is an escape from real life but not a substitute. We all are here to enjoy ourselves, not find more work.

Set in 2421 where a growing conspiracy and malaise infects the highest echelons of power in the Romulan Star Empire. The sudden and mysterious death of the Praetor adds to the chaos as competing factions vie for influence. To complicate matters, with a strengthened Empire the Klingon Chancellor's territorial ambition has made the Klingon’s a serious threat to Romulan stability. As turmoil spreads there is a renewed call for the Star Empire to retreat within its borders and focus on internal matters as it once did decades ago.

In this chaotic universe resides the Aylhr. Destroyed 10 years previously during the battle at Dherex the remnants of the ship are recycled and a new D’Dherex battleship rises from her broken bones. Part of the Imperial Navy’s ambitious rebuilding effort after previous conflicts this new IRW Aylhr is put under the command of Riov Rhae'go tr'Neyl. As the son of former Galae’EnRiov Ame’ha t’Neyl, a labeled traitor, his appointment takes many by surprise. The current Galae’EnRiov Shiarrael t`Rehu sees his appointment as a component of her long-term plan to transform the Imperial Navy from an archaic lineage-based command structure to one based on merit.

After a contentious beginning, things slowly settle aboard the Aylhr and the ship takes up the paramount role of defending the Star Empire from all her enemies, external and internal.

If someone asked me ‘what is the IRW Aylhr?’ my answer would be that the Aylhr is a community of friends who get together to write and have fun in the exciting world of Star Trek. We keep our email lists public for anyone to read and we’re also a friendly bunch so if you’re interested, feel free to join up because we’d love to have you.

Simply put, we all love a good story ;)


The Aylhr is an award-winning simulation in UCIP. She has won accolades for both quality and consistency since her inception. Below is a list of awards:

Top Sim/Bergen Award

The Aylhr has received UCIP's top accolade as one of its best sims in 2004.